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There cars which have actually purchasing patterns which shows 90% of them are bought by men. There is a comparable list for women, despite the fact that the percentage is not has actually high. Women often purchase small SUVs and cars which grab quite higher gas mileage. And, for some unknown reason, cars built in South Korea

The list of cars primarily bought by women is based on a large research study:

iSeeCars.com located 10 cars where a lot more compared to 60 percent of the prospective buyers were women. Half of the top-10 vehicles women are the majority of curious about purchasing are Korean brands, along with the Hyundai Tucson topping the list and four Kia models—Forte, Sorento, Rio and Soul—likewise making the cut. Of the remaining five, two are Japanese—Nissan Versa and Mitsubishi Outlander, two are domestics—Ford Fiesta and Jeep Patriot and one is European—Volkswagen Beetle.
The 2 the automobile segments and the brands in the top-10 vehicles are associated along with affordability and fuel economy, pretty compared to luxury and performance. 6 of the 10 cars women shop for the majority of are small cars and the various other four are small crossovers.

  1. The Hyundai Tuscon bought 66.2% by women, can easily expenditure as considerably as $38,000 along with a long list of accessories. The base version receives very great gas mileage for a crossover at 33 MPG for highway driving. It small 4 cylinder engine can easily place out 175 HP

2. The Nissan Versa, bought 64% by women comes as The 2 a small, reasonable performance sedan and as a a lot more upscale version called the Note. Nissan boasts it can easily carry 5 people, despite the fact that it is need to be crowded. The automobile receives 41 MPG in highway driving.

3. The VW Beetle, bought 63.9% by women, might be a tough sell based on VW’s diesel scandal which has actually ripped in to the German company’s U.S. sales. The Beetle has actually been about for decades, and was as soon as a finest seller for VW in the U.S. The base version receives 34 MPG on the highway. Its turbo charges 4 cylinder is the core to its fuel efficiency. One version has actually a convertible, something rarely seen in U.S. cars

4. The Kia Forte, bought 62.8% by women, is one more tiny sedan. It receives 39 MPG in highway driving, place out via a 4 cylinder engine which has actually a tiny 146 HP yield. Adore the majority of cars, it has actually a up sell version which can easily expenditure as considerably as $30,000 along with an army of accessories.

5. The Ford Fiesta, bought 62.8% by women, is the entry degree sedan for Ford (NYSE: F). The tiny sedan receives 36 MPG in highway driving. The up sell ST has actually a set of features, which can easily drive its rate as higher as $25,000. The highest end version also has actually a spoiler which would certainly not appear to justify a premium price

6. The Kia Sorento, bought 62% by women, is among the smallest cars readily available by Kia and its South Korean steady mate the Hyundai brand. For a crossover, it receives higher mileage at 29 MPG for highway driving. Kia promotes the automobile as roomy which is a pattern among the vehicles on this list. Its the majority of costly upsell, the Restricted V6 sells for as considerably as $45,000, a lot more compared to two times the rate of the base car.

7. The Jeep Patriot, bought 61.4% by women, is Fiat Chrysler’s (NYSE: FCAU) entry degree automobile in the SUV division which has actually had tough sales and helped drive the parent’s bottom line. Jeep celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. among the features pushed hardest by Jeep is that the Patriot is a particularly great automobile for off road driving.

8. The Mitsubishi Outlander, bought 60.9% purchase women, is among the small set of models readily available by a business which has actually started to withdraw from the U.S. one more small crossover, it receives as considerably as 31 MPG in highway driving. It is a rarity among cars on this list due to the fact that it carries up to 7 passengers.

9. The Kia Rio, bought 60.8% by women, is among four Kia models on this list. The tiny sedan receives as considerably as 37 MPG in highway driving. Its “fully loaded” version, along with a lot of accessories not readily available on the base model, costs as considerably as $25,000. It has actually a 4 cylinder engine which puts out 138 MPG.

10. The Kia Soul is the company’s smallest crossover, bought 60.6% by women. Kia supplies four crossover models. The Soul receives as considerably as 31 MPG in highway driving. Its highest end version expenditure nearly $25,000 along with every one of accessories.

Top 10 Cars Women Want
Rank Make Model Avg rate Inquiries by Women
1 Hyundai Tucson                          $16,722      66.2%
2 Nissan Versa                               $12,144      64.0%
3 Volkswagen Beetle                     $18,179      63.9%
4 Kia Forte                                      $13,730      62.8%
5 Ford Fiesta                                  $13,237      62.8%
6 Kia Sorento                                 $18,668      62.0%
7 Jeep Patriot                                 $15,615      61.4%
8 Mitsubishi Outlander               $15,173      60.9%
9 Kia Rio                                         $10,800    60.8%
10 Kia Soul                                     $14,431     60.6%
Standard                                           $14,870    62.5%

Methodology: iSeeCars.com analyzed over 54 million pre-owned automobile sales and 570,000 shoppers’ inquiries of cars on iSeeCars.com in between January 1, 2013, and September 30, 2015. It categorized inquiries as coming from male or female consumers (based on their names) and calculated the percentage of inquiries for each automobile model from males and from females, across every one of model years offered for each model. Models along with fewer compared to 70 inquiries and that were not in production as of the 2015/2016 model years were excluded from further analysis. The Standard rate of each model was likewise calculated across every one of model years offered from every one of listings throughout the 2.75 year period.