2009-2016 Dodge Journey recalled for steering problems – The Car Connection

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling nearly 200,000 Dodge Trip vehicles from the 2009 to 2016 model years. According to the automaker, several of those vehicles might endure troubles along with their electricity steering fluid lines, which could possibly make the crossovers harder to steer.

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The recall is restricted to vehicles equipped along with optional block heaters. In a press launch announcing the recall, FCA says that in those vehicles, “some lines carrying power-steering fluid might leak at engine start-up, as soon as the car is subject to harsh cold”. 

Though the leakage will not steer clear of drivers from regulating their vehicles, it could possibly create steering to come to be even more physically demanding. In some situations, that could possibly result in an accident. However, FCA says that it hasn’t got any kind of reports of crashes or injuries to date.

Details of the underlying issue will certainly be readily available as soon as the recall is published when it come to the National Highway Traffic Security Administration’s website.

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The recall influences a complete of 198,380 vehicles in North America. Of that number, 10,944 are registered in the U.S., and the remaining 187,436 are registered in Canada.

FCA says that it will certainly mail recall notices to owners as soon as alternative portions come to be available. Until that time, owners that have actually questions are encouraged to call the FCA US Customer Treatment Focus at 1-800-853-1403.