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It may lack the Ram’s sleek style or the F-Series’s endearingly cartoonish face, but the Silverado is still a handsome truck.Will Sabel Courtney

It could lack the Ram’s sleek style or the F-Series’s endearingly cartoonish face, yet the Silverado is still a handsome truck.


6.6-L turbo-diesel V-8
367-HP; 765 lb.-ft.

When the Brooklyn Bridge was being built spine in the 19th century, chief engineer John Roebling wanted to make certain there was no doubt that the bridge would certainly stand. So he carefully calculated exactly how tough it called for to be—after that built it 6 times stronger compared to that.

Why do I bring this up?

Because the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is too heavy to drive across it.

See, there’s a big authorize at the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge: WEIGHT LIMIT 3 TONS. yet my diesel-powered, four-wheel-drive, crew cab Chevrolet pickup tipped the scales at a whopping 7,752 pounds.
The Silverado 2500HD is a bit too large for the average parking space.Will Sabel Courtney

The Silverado 2500HD is a bit too large for the standard parking space.                     

This heavy-duty pickup truck pushes the boundaries of acceptable size every one of across the city. Put two people in it (or even one heavy guy and his KFC Value Meal), and the Silverado 2500HD becomes too hefty for the FDR. At 6-feet-6-inches tall, certain parkway bridges become jaw-clinchingly-tight squeezes. Believe finding a parking spot on the street is stressful? Attempt finding one long enough to suit 20 feet of Chevy. This truck isn’t simply as big as King Kong, it fits in here simply as poorly.


And yet, in spite of it being far, far too big for Brand-new York City…I was sad to offer this truck back.
That said, all that length makes for plenty of room inside and out.Will Sabel Courtney

That said, every one of that length makes for plenty of room inside and out.

First off, it’s one heck of an ego trip. Few vehicles on sale look as macho as this square-jawed pickup. It’s adore a 72-oz. porterhouse had one wish, and it wished it could be a truck. simply looking at it could make your voice lose an octave.

And that’s in spite of the reality that the Silverado is the least attractive of the Big Three’s heavy-duty pickup trucks (at least in this reviewer’s eyes). It’s not ugly—its small headlights and squat-looking grille offer it a bulldog’s ferocity—it simply lacks a bit of character compared to the Ram and Ford F-Series.

Climb inside, though, and the Silverado redeems itself. The interior is by far the most effective in its class; the controls are perfectly arranged, basic to read and basic to find.
Chevy’s CornerStep bumper is a simple, inspired feature. Just be sure you don’t accidentally stick your foot in the exhaust instead.Will Sabel Courtney

Chevy’s CornerStep bumper is a simple, motivated feature. simply be sure you don’t accidentally stick your foot in the exhaust instead.

In an era where a lot more and a lot more auto makers are switching to touchscreen-based infotainment systems, the big, rubbery knobs are a pleasure to use. (That said, the Chevy MyLink touchscreen in the dash does job pretty well—in large portion Since it leaves numerous crucial tasks to the knobs.)

And there’s storage everywhere. The focus console, as one of my friends pointed out, is big enough to suit a baby. The glovebox is so big, it has actually double doors. The map pockets are a lot more adore map rooms. It’s almost adore this truck is attempting to compensate for not having a trunk by spreading an entire hatchback’s worth of cargo space throughout its interior.

Likewise, Silverado 2500 occupants Will certainly never ever locate themselves at a loss for a location to plug in. Four aux jacks, up to 6 USB ports, a 110V three-prong outlet, and a wireless charging pad for cell phones—this Chevy is basically a rolling power strip.
Big chrome wheels, big chrome badges: This Chevy is loud and proud about its High Country status.Will Sabel Courtney

Big chrome wheels, big chrome badges: This Chevy is loud and proud concerning its Higher Country status.

And there’s a lot more compared to enough room for those occupants—at least in the crew cab model I drove. The rear bench is so wide that three average-sized adults sitting next to each others barely rub elbows, and has actually almost as much legroom as a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. And if you don’t suit in the front seats, well, God bless you, Since I don’t understand exactly what auto or truck you would certainly suit in.

And specced out in top-tier Higher Country trim, as mine was, it’s nearly as nice as a Mercedes inside—even though it’s a quite different type of luxury. Offering fancy Western-themed trim levels adore the Higher Country has actually become a pickup globe need in the last few years: Ram offers the Laramie Longhorn; Ford offers the King Ranch; and Toyota offers the 1794 Edition.

No matter which brand you choose, you grab seats coated in soft brown leather, yet Chevy’s Higher Country adds on a Bose sound system, chrome-plated 20-inch wheels, and front seats that the 2 heat and cool your tuckus.
You’d expect a $66K vehicle to be pretty darn nice inside—and the Silverado High Country delivers.Will Sabel Courtney

You’d expect a $66K car to be fairly darn nice inside—and the Silverado Higher Country delivers.

But you have actually to hit the road to actually appreciate this truck’s killer feature: its Duramax diesel engine. Believe a four-ton truck could never ever feel quick? after that you haven’t felt the power of 765 lb-ft of torque.

Mash the gas—er, accelerator—and this elephant bolts adore it’s simply seen a mouse. It’s quick enough that I felt comfortable zipping straight from the on-ramp to the fast lane on the BQE devoid of worry of being rear-ended. This engine is so potent, I accidentally burned rubber backing in to a parking space.

It’s not subtle concerning its oil-burning powerplant, either. The chrome, 144-point-font “DURAMAX” badges on the hood are the least of it; the exhaust pipe is as thick as Dwayne Johnson’s forearm, and the engine clatters at idle and roars under acceleration,. It sounds the method trucks sounded As soon as you were a kid, and you believed they were the coolest thing due to the fact that Thomas the Tank Engine.
Just a few of the many power plugs found in the 2500HD.Will Sabel Courtney

Just several of the numerous power plugs found in the 2500HD.

This giant diesel motor helps offer the Silverado 2500HD eye-popping towing and hauling abilities, too. Equipped along with the Duramax, the 4WD crew cab can easily carry a lot more compared to 2,400 pounds of people and cargo—or tow a lot more compared to seven tons. This Chevy can easily literally tow an African elephant…assuming you can easily locate one that’ll stand on a moving trailer.

And while most heavy-duty pickup trucks are known for their harsh ride—their suspensions have actually to be stiff enough to manage an extra ton of cargo devoid of bottoming out, after all—the 2500HD rode nice and smooth. Maybe Chevy called in the Cadillac engineers to perform some suspension magic. Or maybe the Silverado’s already heavy enough to even out the ride.

One unexpected thing concerning driving the Silverado, by the way: It turned out to be surprisingly basic to park. Finding a spot was tricky, sure, yet once I spotted one big enough, the rear view camera, front- and rear-mounted sonar sensors and trailer towing-worthy mirrors earned slotting
Like the Suburban and Tahoe, the Silverado’s steering wheel is slightly offset. You might never notice it, but once you do, you’re constantly aware of it.Will Sabel Courtney

Like the Suburban and Tahoe, the Silverado’s steering wheel is slightly offset. You could never ever notice it, yet once you do, you’re constantly aware of it.

So of course, provided a car along with such incredible capability…

…I used it for tasks I could have actually done in a Kia Rio.

Buying groceries, driving to a meeting, shuttling people to a party, checking out the Christmas lights in Dyker Heights on a Sunday night. (The Michael Jordan ride height, admittedly, helped out along with the last one.)
I did make a run to Lowe’s, but my painting supplies didn’t exactly stress the truck’s bed.Will Sabel Courtney

I did make a run to Lowe’s, yet my painting supplies didn’t exactly pressure the truck’s bed.

And yet, in spite of barely touching its true abilities…adore I said, I missed the Silverado 2500HD As soon as it was gone.

In part, it was Since I didn’t feel I’d pushed it hard enough. I didn’t come close to pushing its limits in my week along with it; it was adore driving about in a Corvette yet never ever going faster compared to 25 mph.

Then again, the standard pick-up truck buyer isn’t consistently towing trailers full of large mammals, fording muddy rivers, or carting half a ton of mulch around. They’re driving to work, buying groceries, or going for Sunday drives along with family and friends. The Silverado 2500HD can easily do incredible things, yet most people are simply going to treat it adore a normal car.
Big buttons and dials are designed so people can use them while wearing gloves—but they’re a treat for unclad hands, too.Will Sabel Courtney

Big buttons and dials are created so people can easily use them while wearing gloves—yet they’re a treat for unclad hands, too.

So why do people buy them? Well, the same necessity I realized I actually missed it:

Big trucks are fun.

Even if you have actually to be careful which bridges you drive them across.

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