2016 Honda Pilot – Car and Driver

Honda’s Pilot has actually been among our favored methods to relocate many people and gear ever due to the fact that it initial appeared shortly after the dawn of the century. And we’ve additionally constantly liked the Odyssey minivan, so as quickly as the brand-new Pilot debuted for 2016 looking an awful lot enjoy the Odyssey, we immediately put in our order for a long-termer. (Okay, we probably would certainly have actually wanted one no matter just what it looked like.)

There are Odyssey bones beneath that Odyssey-aping skin, however there’s additionally a new, 280-hp V-6 paired along with the initial nine-rate automatic ever to pass through our lasting fleet. The nine-rate is standard on the Touring and the top-of-the-line Elite trim levels.

We chose that latter due to the fact that it comes along with a two-place second row that limits occupancy to seven persons—then only if the three of them in the rearmost seat usually state their ages by holding up fingers. We have actually concluded that this is the max occupancy threshold for keeping driver sanity.

At a base rate of $31,045, an entry-degree front-wheel-drive Pilot LX entails a rearview camera, push-button start, a tilting and telescoping steering column, and a stereo that entails Bluetooth and USB connectivity. By the time you’ve ascended to the penultimate $42,070 Touring, you’ve added remote starting, second-row seats that fold at the touch of a button, three-zone automatic climate control, LED ambient lighting, a 10-method power-adjustable driver’s seat, four extra USB ports (for a total of three in the front and two in the second row), leather upholstery, navigation, and a Blu-ray rear-seat entertainment system. The last step up to Elite adds all-wheel drive, heated and cooled front seats, heated rear seats, an extra-large sunroof, and the most feature-heavy version of the Honda Sensing package. Highlights of the latter package are forward-collision warning along with automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-preserving assist. The total rate came to $47,955 after accessories such as a trailer-hitch receiver and roof-rail crossbars were tacked on.

Elite, however Unlucky

We wanted to divert focus from our Pilot’s dad-mobile profile and toward its top-tier status along with a vanity plate, “L337,” (see Urban Dictionary if you’re confused) however our loan agreements along with auto manufacturers don’t enable it. as well bad, due to the fact that that could have actually avoided the awkwardness that followed as quickly as we got a parking ticket in the Pilot, went to pay it, and learned merely exactly how several people have actually received and not paid Ann Arbor parking tickets on Honda press vehicles wearing California manufacturer plates start in 3421. (For the record, we’re not the only publication in the neighborhood.)

Aside from that ticket, we’ve incurred no expenses in the Pilot beyond the cost of fuel, which it currently consumes at a price of one gallon every 21 or so miles. For a luxury-packed seven-seater weighing 4351 pounds, that’s not so bad. On its first test outing, it strike 60 mph in 6.0 seconds and blitzed the quarter-mile in 14.6 at 95 mph, which will certainly ideal a V-6 Dodge Challenger. Skidpad grip of 0.81 g is reasonable for the class, and its 172-foot stopping distance from 70 mph locations the Honda among the most effective family haulers.

Subjective aspects that are so far earning praise contain seat comfort in the initial two rows (nobody old enough to speak finish sentences has actually yet been convinced to spend sufficient time in the way-spine to comment) and a serene highway ride. Negative logbook comments have actually focused on the infuriating touchscreen infotainment system and a short-sighted adaptive-cruise-regulate system that brakes abruptly and allows rate to fluctuate much more compared to most systems, including going well beyond the set rate as quickly as accelerating. As summer road-quest season gets in to full swing listed here in the next couple of months, we’ll discover plenty much more to adore and loathe.

Months in Fleet: 4 months Current Mileage: 7740 miles
Average Fuel Economy: 21 mpg Fuel Tank Size: 19.5 gal Fuel Range: 410 miles
Service: $0 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0