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In which your Race Organizer has actually his snow-hoonage hopes dashed by summer tires

When I review a brand-new car, most of the time I get hold of it dropped off at an airport near a venue at which I will certainly be assisting to organize a 24 Hours of LeMons race, then I spend a couple of days driving it between the hotel and the track, hauling weird gear and seeing just what the racers believe of my latest ride.

However, Denver in the wintertime means one thing: wanting a automobile along with the Pleiades on the grille and raise under the hood, kicking up a great deal of the white stuff along with every one of four tires. I live in Denver, I have actually a battered, naturally aspirated Outback along with a five-speed, and the WRX seemed love simply the thing below in the heart of Subaru-Land.

2016 Subaru WRX buried in Denver snow

Hooray! Suitable WRX weather! Photo by Murilee Martin

Mere hours after the automobile was dropped off, and prior to I got about to driving it, this happened. Denver gets all-or-zero snow throughout the winter, usually devoid of considerably warning, and — as Rory Carroll points out — the empty streets after a big snowstorm offer the Suitable conditions for every little thing excellent regarding driving a car. I figured I’d discover a nice big empty parking lot and technique my snow hoonage, in right WRX fashion.

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tire buried in Denver snow

Cue Sad Trombone sound. Photo by Murilee Martin

I grew up in California and had never ever steered on significant snow until I moved to Denver 5 years back, however I learned right away that snow tires are magical things Once the globe comes to be a winter &$^#@*# wonderland. simply to be on the safe side, I took a consider the tires on the WRX in front of my house. Oh no, not gooey summer tires! Dunlop Sport Maxx RTs will certainly get hold of the tarmac on the racetrack love a kitten sensing an impending vet quest will certainly dig its claws in to shag carpeting, however these tires on ice are a recipe for one of those LOL Fall short videos that Upper Peninsula drivers like so dearly.

2016 Subaru WRX at REI in Colorado

In Colorado, you take your pet dog for a walk, after that drive the Subaru to the nearest REI. It’s the law. Photo by Murilee Martin

I believed regarding swapping wheels along with my Outback, which would certainly have actually provided me some winter rubber, however that would certainly have actually involved obtaining cold and wet and probably crunching a couple of frozen knuckles. Instead, I went through the agony of not enjoying all-wheel drive, countersteering-and-yeehawing snow madness on the invitingly deserted streets for the day or two after the snowstorm, after that gingerly drove the automobile on ordinary errands on fully plowed streets. My wife had broken her leg in an unfortunate recycle-bin-rolling incident, so I had the opportunity to hang her temporary handicapped placard in the automobile and drive her to doctor appointments along with crutches in the spine seat. It’s excellent to make a automobile do points others compared to the tasks for which it was intended (say, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic in an Alfa Romeo 4C), and I can easily report that the WRX does simply great along with parallel parking, and, uh, glovebox capacity. Sensible stuff, not love what I really had in thoughts for it.

2016 Subaru WRX at Littleton wrecking yard

I required a Subaru portion at U-Pull-It, so I took the Subaru. Photo by Murilee Martin

I truly wanted to get a Subaru compass-equipped auto-dim mirror for my winter-beater ’92 Civic hatchback, so I decided to risk the 10-mile drive on not-completely-ice-free roads to the wrecking lawn along with the most late-model iron. On the rare patches of dry pavement I encountered, I was able to delight in a couple of hard shifts in the WRX devoid of hitting any sort of ice and stuffing it in to a concrete abutment.

2006 Subaru Legacy compass mirror in 2016 Subaru Outback trunk

Success! A 2006 Legacy mirror in a 2016 Impreza trunk. Photo by Murilee Martin

What I learned from every one of this was that the WRX can easily behave simply love a regular, sensible Impreza, if that’s just what you requirement it to do. Next winter, though, I’m going to make a special request to get hold of this automobile spine along with some significant snow tires, then I’m going straight to the mountains.