Alfa Romeo Trionfo Study Looks To The Past To Shape The Future – Carscoops (blog)

The Alfa Romeo Trionfo is an independent study developed to commemorate the Italian brand’s past that spawned a great deal of wonderful cars throughout the years.

According to its creator, Sebastiano Ciarcià, the Trionfo was born along with the target to evoke the classic Alfa Romeo myth and spirit, retracing the crucial stages of its history. And the project doesn’t demand an ”Alfista” educated eye to observe the resemblances that recognize the Italian vehicle maker’s most significant creations and time periods, from the post-war era to the 1950s.

The Trionfo, which translates to triumph in English, was modeled as a one-seat spider, embracing proportions and volumes located when it come to the iconic 1952 Disco Volante, the 6c 3000 CM and 300 CM Zagato Spider, too as the Duetto and Sporting activity Spider.

But despite the fact that the create study is catering to the romantic era of motorsport, which involved the famous Targa Florio event, its powertrain was imagined as a state-of-the-art system, written of 4 electric motors (one in per wheel) drawing electricity from a gas microturbine unit. The designer says that the quantity of electricity developed by the setup, with each other along with the vehicle’s lightweight construction, makes when it come to a high-performance package.

H/T to Sebastiano Ciarcià!