Alphabet and Fiat Are Working Together, but Not Exclusively — Tech Roundup –

Last week, we noted that a partnership between Fiat Chrysler (FCAUGet Report) and Alphabet’s  (GOOGLGet Report)  Google unit seemed imminent. Well, that partnership turned out to be true, however on Thursday we found out that it’s also not exclusive.

The two companies will certainly have the ability to look elsewhere to solve their problems. This means that Fiat, which numerous have actually viewed as a laggard in the autonomous driving race compared to its peers, will certainly have the ability to group up along with others that can easily advice make the self-driving experience a reality.

For Google’s part, the company was one of the very first to start pioneering the tip of self-driving cars, despite not being an automaker. The tech giant has actually continued to hone its craft and is considered a leader in the space. however in order to turn its job in to a scalable business, it either required to acquire an automaker, start its own production or form a partnership

The last of which makes the most sense. And here they are along with Fiat. however the partnership won’t limit Google from seeking agreements or partnerships along with others automakers – something that is a pretty big deal down the road.

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While Fiat is big — owning brands enjoy Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler and a number of others — it represents simply a fraction of the auto market.

Shares of Alphabet closed better by 0.5% at $714.71 Thursday, while Fiat closed at $7.65, down 2.3%. 

Despite every one of the struggles for Twitter’s (TWTRGet Report) stock, management actually is trying. It’s signing deals, introducing new features and even working on one of its most prized possessions: Periscope.

Periscope, the live-streaming social platform, was acquired by Twitter in January 2015 prior to the product even launched. Live video, as Google’s YouTube and Facebook (FBGet Report) can easily attest, is a pretty rapid area of growth right now. So Twitter’s decision to expand its Periscope offering was a good one.

Rather compared to having the video disappear after 24 hours, the company is making it so the video sticks about forever, so long as the user that posted it additionally involves the hashtag, “#save.”

This may seem enjoy a pretty minute detail, however it’s actually a rather good idea. Once former videos only exist for one full day, numerous users have actually little incentive (or ability) to go spine and discover it if they hope to share or re-watch it. Now they’ll have the ability to do the 2 and Twitter’s hoping that will certainly enhance engagement.

Shares of Twitter closed at $14.12 Thursday, down 4.85%. 

Sick of using up every one of your data by streaming video? Well, if that video is coming from Netflix (NFLXGet Report) , you now have some manage over that.

The company recently updated its Android and iOS apps to include data manage features. Users can easily switch to a lower quality video which will certainly require much less data for streaming and therefore enable for longer viewing times.

They can easily additionally raise the video quality, however they will certainly have the ability to stream much less video per gigabyte. Of course, if users have actually unlimited data or are a portion of the T-Mobile (TMUS) Binge On program, which doesn’t count video versus users’ data, after that this isn’t a problem.

While Netflix isn’t the top requirement for video consumption — that falls to YouTube and Facebook, mostly — it still eats up a decent quantity of data for big-time streamers.

Users that are on-the-go or enjoy to eat content throughout their commutes or down time will certainly definitely appreciate this feature.

Shares of Netflix closed at $89.37 Friday, down 1.55%.

 Shares of Apple (AAPL) were blasted below $100 complying with its worse-than-expected earnings results in late April. While iPhones were a big driver of the results, struggling iPad sales didn’t advice matters.

When Apple very first introduced the iPad, sales were sturdy and it was a brand-new product category for the tech giant to take advantage of. however over the last few years, sales growth has actually been lackluster.

That’s why Apple is hoping its brand-new partnership along with SAP (SAP) will certainly help. SAP makes enterprise business applications and along with a market cap of $92 billion, it’s undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Management is hoping the partnership can easily spur sales of iPads to businesses. Due to the fact that businesses buy in bulk, it could move the needle faster compared to selling a couple of at a time to consumers.

The programs that are being written specifically for iOS will certainly additionally job on iPhones too. The big benefit is that SAP will certainly create numerous of these applications, along with its customers additionally aiding to write customized apps.

SAP has actually 310,000 global customers, which could offer a serious enhance to sales if the tactic works.

Shares of Apple finished lower by 0.4% at $93.24 Friday, while shares of SAP closed at $77.07, down 0.5%. Alphabet, Twitter and Apple are every one of holdings of Action Alerts PLUS, the charitable trust portfolio managed by TheStreet’s Jim Cramer. hope to be alerted prior to Cramer buys or sells GOOGL, TWTR or AAPL? Learn much more now.

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