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Bentley Extraordinary World promotional image

Bentley Extraordinary Globe promotional image

British automaker Bentley Motors is introducing a handful of clients to the extraordinary Globe of South America.

In September and October, Bentley will certainly welcome simply 40 guests to Bolivia and Chile, where on- and off-road adventures in several of the world’s most stunning landscapes await. Consumers’ passions have actually gravitated toward the experiential end of the spectrum, and automakers are responding along with exclusive trips abroad.

The experience itself isn’t so considerably the opportunity as is the opportunity to capture their imaginations while expanding the product image of Bentley’s brand,” said Rob Frankel, branding strategist & expert at Frankel & Anderson, Los Angeles. “I’d bet that their research indicates most people perceive Bentley as an urban rich person’s town car. They probably have actually no tip of Bentley’s others models.”

Mr. Frankel is not associated along with Bentley, however agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Bentley was unable to comment by press deadline.

Extraordinary World
For its “Extraordinary World” initiative, Bentley will certainly offer four various teams of 10 a six-day retreat in to Chile and Bolivia. They will certainly drive through the world’s highest desert, through the Andes and to the volcanoes and geysers of the South American countries.

The fee of the experience based on current exchange rates is around $21,600. The fee does not consist of airfare, visa fees or immunizations.


On the very first day of the trip, participants will certainly meet along with each others and Bentley at El Loa Airport in Calama, a city in the Atacoma Desert in Northern Chile. From there, consumers will certainly drive in pairs to the San Pedro de Atacama oasis, nearly a mile-and-a-half above sea level.

After a night at the Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, attendees will certainly trip across the Andes to see the Lincancabur Volcano, the geysers of Sol de Mañana and the rock formations of the Siloli desert. The night will certainly wind down at the Tayka del Deserto hotel in the Andean desert, granting a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Polygonal patterns on salt flats, Salar de Uyuni,Potosi area,Bolivia,South America; Shutterstock ID 109982909; PO: Ref: Chile and Bolivia Project; Client: Bentley Motors Ltd

The third day will certainly take adventurers to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. Expanding 4,000 square meters, it is the largest salt flat in the world, and it is a lot more than two miles above sea level.

There, attendees will certainly have the ability to see flamingos, the Culpeo fox, vizcachas (cousins of chinchillas), hillstar hummingbirds and Andean geese. The Luna Salada hotel, earned entirely of salt, will certainly give accommodations for the night.

The next day will certainly likewise be spent driving across the Salar de Uyuni, along with stops at the Tunupa Volcano and the Salar Islands. After a night at a luxury desert campsite, they will certainly spend the last full day spine in Chile, in the sand dunes near Iquique.

Siloli desert rock formations
Siloli desert rock formations

Although an automaker might have actually successfully convinced a customer recently to decide on its product over that of its competitors, branded experiences improve loyalty and produce a rapport between consumer and brand, tailoring a shared lifestyle. Provided the habits of the brand-new consumer, cultivating this loyalty in means that go beyond product is an vital step in staying ahead.

Asking for more
The promise of a beautifully crafted, high-performance vehicle is no longer enough for some automobile enthusiasts. Automakers are now offering packages that concentrate on travel and exploration from the driver’s seat, assisting to establish a brand lifestyle.

For example, British automaker Aston Martin is offering adventurous consumers a taste of elegance.

Alongside travel retailer Elegant Resorts, the automaker is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour Scotland, England and Italy in one of its sports cars. Such offerings are gaining popularity within the automotive sector due to the fact that they introduce the brand to travelers and produce ties to much less tangible experiences (see story).

Even if an itinerant quest abroad is not offered, automakers are still augmenting auto purchases along with the promise of something more.

German automaker Porsche is the current to fall in line, ensuring that its U.S.-based consumers get hold of a lot more compared to simply a auto once they purchase a Porsche.

Porsche Cars North America is leveraging its experiential destination at One Porsche Drive in Atlanta to give VIP treatment for those looking to test their brand-new auto in style. Consumers today are looking for experiences, so tacking one on to a essential product purchase will certainly make Porsche look a lot more attractive to consumers (see story).

From just what I can easily see, Bentley’s very considerably going after the Range Rover market, which makes sense,” Mr. Frankel said. “After all, the rich are always willing to spend a lot more for luxury brands; standard and unsatisfactory individuals will never buy. So positioning themselves as ‘the rich man’s Range Rover’ is probably a a lot more realistic target compared to attempting to go head to head with Range Rover.”
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