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BMW’s Vice President of Digital Life Programs and Engineering Thom Brenner took the phase today at Microsoft Build to detail the initial phase of its ambitious IoT project that aims to deliver “best smart device connectivity that’s perfectly integrated in to your digital lifestyle.”


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The tip video showed off a few of what BMW is functioning regard to much better incorporate your smart house and your connected car.

It covers features such as a early morning briefing by a holographic smart device that details weather, early morning appointments and path insight for the means to work, too as allowing the selection of among numerous connected BMW vehicles.


Cut to the garage and David, our protagonist, hops behind the wheel of his BMW i8 and interacts along with the in-auto entertainment unit while driving to work. Along the way, he’s notified of a rock slide, holds a firm call along with an associate in Munich and also syncs his calendar along with hers to established a lunch date next time he’s in town.


The platform, called BMW Connected, runs regard Microsoft’s Azure and utilizes the given toolset to advice Construct the architecture and range it to the calls for of BMW customers.

The initial version, out today, focuses regard regulating your everyday mobility calls for — estimated drive times, traffic notifications and rerouting and much better connectivity in between devices, such as your mobile phone, house and vehicle.

All BMW owners and connected drive customers in the US (along with an iPhone – sorry Android) can easily download the initial phase of BMW Connected app today.

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