Citroen Cactus: We don’t know what you are but you’re brilliant –

This is the point where we’d ordinarily explain just what type of automobile we’re testing – supercar, luxury saloon, SUV… Yet it’s challenging to pin down precisely just what the Cactus is. It’s the exact same dimension as a hatchback, nearly has actually the ride height of an SUV, looks adore a Transformer’s foot, Yet the manufacturer’s stripped spine all of the glowing buttons you typically notice in a car’s cabin. Oh, and it’s bubble wrapped. Hmm.

Let’s begin along with the bubble wrap. On the surface, it’s the sort of eye-twirlingly bonkers indulgence that Citroen’s got a little form along with (notice every one of the Citroen C6), Yet the rationale is in fact quite sound. The blisters soak up the sort of low-rate biffs that would certainly dent a metal car, and despite several errant trollies in the Waitrose carpark, our tester survived forever unscathed.


Beyond the blisters, there’s in fact pretty a great deal of much less obvious clever stuff going on. For a start, it isn’t a victim of the most recent chain letter of automotive design, which insists our roads are complete of aggressive outlines, massive wheels and tiny tyres. The proportions are comfortable Yet not cutesy, and stylish free of any sort of fussy embellishments or gimmicks.

Then there’s the helpful stuff. The outside cues up an interior that’s been believed concerning along with a refreshing quantity of freedom. The pop-out rear composite windows, for example – they don’t wind down, and due to the fact that there’s no mechanism in the way, Citroen’s carved out the door inners to ensure there’s Much more area for rear passengers’ elbows. After that there’s the roof – it’s a lightweight, tinted fixed glass sheet, which is lighter compared to metal. every one of these little hacks – and there are hundreds – mean it weighs much less compared to a Ford Fiesta, is the dimension of a Ford Focus and just calls for a lean little 60mpg 1.2-litre engine to shunt it concerning at a decent pace.

But this is no Golf GTI Clubsport. Every little thing concerning it, including the ride and performance, is wilfully soft and squidgy. That’s not to claim it’s a automobile you won’t take pleasure in utilizing – also along with simply 110bhp, the performance is surprisingly adequate. Hustling it about the city is its own type of wallowy fun, too, and you can easily actually feel the lightness once idea it down a country road.

But the word “sporting” wasn’t on the design brief, and it shows. The Cactus is concerning making life much easier not faster. That’s why nearly all of the switches have actually been torn out and integrated in to the 7-inch touchscreen – just the volume, window defrost, lock and hazard toggles remain. Every little thing else can easily wait.

We’re still not sure exactly how to define the Cactus, Yet whatever it is it feels adore it was born from a appropriate analysis of use. The result is a neat solution for cheap, family-focused transport that offers you just what you requirement in an interesting, occasionally strange and quintessentially French way. City dwellers: get one immediately.