Consumer Reports Reviews All-New Chrysler Pacifica – Carscoops (blog)

America’s as soon as beloved family hauler, the minivan, is now considered archaic and has actually been replaced along with the SUV.

The latter is supposed to claim to others that its driver is an adventurer, whereas the former is nowadays could possibly switch out “less exciting compared to watching wall paint dry” in common perception.

Chrysler is sticking to its guns and still flies the minivan banner. Sort of ironic provided the variety of Jeeps it sells, however logical in attempting to lead this segment it successfully made 3 decades ago.

This doesn’t mean it is oblivious to the image associated along with the Town & Country nameplate. That’s why the 2017 model has actually been renamed the Pacifica, consigning the long-offering moniker to history books. Certainly not a instance of slapping when it come to a brand-new badge, though, as this is an all-brand-new automobile that’s seriously lighter, a lot more rigid and more attractive, design-wise, compared to its predecessor. It additionally comes along with a hybrid powertrain, a initial in the class it seeks to redefine.

In spite of its dynamic underpinnings, the brand is promoting the “Genuine Life” moto that emphasizes Genuine human interaction and tasks rather than a virtual and disconnected experience.

Consumer Reports has actually nabbed one to perform yet among its customary reviews that have actually seen lots of an advertising team’s initiatives shattered to pieces despite exactly how elaborate.

Is the 2017 Pacifica able to specified brand-new standards in people carriers and be a piece de resistance versus the SUV onslaught? Here’s exactly what CR has actually to claim regarding that.