F1’s 2017 rules shake-up too early to help make Renault winners – Motorsport.com

Renault has actually played down talk that 2017’s Formula 1 rules overhaul will certainly provide it an opportunity to fast-monitor its route spine to the best of the sport.

The French vehicle manufacturer is undergoing a restructuring of its Enstone-based operation complying with the takeover of Lotus last year, and has actually mapped out a three-year strategy to complete on the podium.

And even though the arrival of a lot faster F1 cars next year is expected to shake up the order, Renault thinks it will certainly still necessity much more time prior to it can easily come to be a contender at the front of the grid.

Renault racing director Fred Vasseur told Motorsport.com: “Next year it’s not possible, due to the fact that it’s not just a matter of regulations, it’s likewise a matter of structure.

“You have actually to develop up the group in F1, and to develop up the group is a mid-term project. Along with horticulture leave and so on, once you hope to recruit somebody you have actually to wait at the very least 18 months.

“So it means you won’t have the ability to collaborate and job on the vehicle for 2 years.

“That’s life, that is the situation. It most likely means that considerably bigger groups are likewise even more ready for the adjustment in regulations compared to us.

“It [the rule changes] could be an advantage if you were a contender today, however I’m not sure we will certainly lessen the gap to the top.”

Plan in place

Vasseur has actually said that the focus so much for the group has actually been in laying the foundations for the future, quite compared to being able to make rapid modifications to the organisation.

When asked exactly how the structure at the group now compared to once Renault took over, he said: “It’s not actually different, due to the fact that the initial thing was to have actually a clear view.

“[Technical director] Bob Bell is actually dedicated to the project and now we have actually to identify the feasible recruitments and the investments that are needed.

“We’ve done that for the initial four months, and now we have actually to act on it. however it’s okay: it is a lasting plan. We won’t have the ability to deliver next week for a significant step.”

Driver plan

Vasseur has actually likewise said that the concentrate on the lasting was likewise relevant for drivers, Along with the group enthusiastic to decide on out stars of the future.

“The very best method for us, to be honest, is to discover the globe champ driver of 20twenty or 2021, and attempt to develop the collaboration Along with them from now.

“If you have actually a consider the past, it is the exact same sort of story where groups constantly built up Along with drivers. Red Bull did it Along with [Sebastian] Vettel. Renault did it Along with [Fernando] Alonso.

“You have actually to develop up the collaboration once you hope to have actually the success. It will certainly be section of our task for the next 2 years.”