Fiat Chrysler CEO Sees Future for Alfa Romeo in China – ABC News

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne claimed Monday that the automaker will certainly attempt to reach full-employment in its Italian plants prior to the 2018 company strategy target and that the global relaunch of Alfa Romeo will certainly play a essential role.

Marchionne, that is shuffling his global manufacturing footprint to suit shifting consumer demands, additionally claimed that the Jeep plant in Belvidere, Illinois, will certainly develop the brand-new Jeep Cherokee after production ends with regard to the Jeep Compass and Patriot.

Marchionne disclosed the production change of the Compass and Patriot successors to Mexico last week throughout an FCA analyst call, however didn’t manage the fate of the 4,000-staff member Belvidere factory, which additionally makes the Dodge Dart compact vehicle — a question that FCA prefers to exit in North America.

“The brand-new Cherokee in Belvidere will certainly fill out the plant completely. We have to develop over 300,000 Cherokees and that is exactly what the plant will certainly produce,” Marchionne said.

FCA has actually slowed the rollouts of Alfa Romeos largely as a result of a slowdown in China’s economy, however the CEO says he was encouraged by a recent browse through to China. Marchionne claimed he enjoyed “a real, live question with regard to Alfa in China.”

“I believed the question was shut, and it hasn’t,” he said. “I believe there is sufficient area with regard to Alfa ahead in and play.”

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ company strategy calls with regard to refocusing Italian manufacturing regard higher-margin premium brands Alfa Romeo and Maserati to get hold of plants operating at complete capacity.

He claimed he hopes to launch the brand-new Giulia sedan in China in very early 2017. Marchionne is showing off the Giulia later this week in a talking along with Italian Premier Matteo Renzi.