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No “little blue pill” is called for as quickly as you have actually a 2017 Fiat 124 Spider.

That’s the basis of among 2 brand-new digital ads for the all-brand-new roadster from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV. The 70-2nd video plays off of the brand’s well-received 2015 Super Bowl ad featuring the story of a frisky Italian man.

“‘No Blue Pill Needed’ leverages the strength of the original award-wining ‘Blue Pill,’ which has actually over 30 million views when it come to YouTube,” said Fiat Chrysler Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois in a statement. “Allowing our fans to act as a sound board for our campaigns has actually proven successful for the brand in the past.”

The distinction in between the ads is as opposed to the cheetah-robed man accidentally throwing the pill from the window to his dismay, he hops in to a 124 Spider to get hold of in the mood.

The “No Blue Pill Needed” will certainly air alongside an 80-2nd spot called “Free Enjoy a Bird” when it come to the brand’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels, along with added content across its digital and social channels, including Instagram.

“Free Enjoy a Bird” is particularly unique since it was partially shot from the viewpoint of 3 eagles adhering to the vehicle. It features a brand-new original song from musician Wyclef Jean.

The spot begins along with a bird’s-eye see of a couple taking a trip through the Italian mountains in an all-brand-new Fiat 124 Spider. As a classic 1967 Spider passes by the brand-new model, it’s revealed the bird’s-eye footage is being filmed by an eagle.

The ad was shot in conjunction along with FREEDOM, a conservation motion that stabilizes and protects threatened birds of prey, to tips develop the very first commercial co-directed by eagles. 3 white-tailed eagles — Roi, Victor and Fletcher — participated in the two-day production. A tiny Sony Action Cam camera, weighing much less compared to 2.8 ounces, was placed into per eagle.

“Our creative attitude is to constantly innovate,” Francois said. “‘Free Enjoy a Bird’ is the very first commercial ever filmed by an eagle and this distinctive procedure demanded music that was equally as compelling to serve as the backdrop for the image, and Wyclef Jean enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity, producing a monitor that is most likely to be yet another chart topper.”

Fiat, Francois said, “will certainly observe the fans’ reactions” to the two ads to make a decision as to whether to usage them for its official television campaign, which will certainly start closer to the car arriving in dealerships this summer, beginning at $27,495.

Gauging online interest is a tactic Francois has actually previously used for others commercials for the Fiat brand.

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