Ford beats Holden in April, first time in 17 years – Cars Guide

After 11 straight years of decline Ford has actually finally started its sales turnaround — and has actually notched up a rare gain versus an old rival.

For the initial time this century Ford has actually beaten its historical rival Holden in the monthly new-auto sales race.

The last time Ford beat its former foe was 17 years and 3 months ago — in January 1999 — once the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon still battled for best spot.

Ford outsold Holden by merely 132 deliveries (6842 versus 6710) in April, its sixth month in a row of growth after 11 years of sharp decline, according to official sales figures because of be released midday Wednesday.

Ford was steered by reason for the brand-new Mustang — which has actually outsold the locally-gained Falcon so much this year — and its Ranger 4WD ute, which outsold the Toyota HiLux 4WD for the second time in four months.

The Ford Ranger 4WD ute is merely 191 sales year-to-date behind Australia’s top-selling workhorse for the past 3 decades — yet the Toyota HiLux still has actually a commanding lead when cheaper 2WD utes are additionally counted.

While Holden still leads Ford in the year-to-date tally, it has actually been beaten every month this year by Hyundai and finished fifth in April — the lowest ranking for the Overall Motors brand because records were kept.

Driven by a rock bottom $19,990 drive-away fee — concerning $7500 off the RRP — the Hyundai i30 hatchback was Australia’s best selling auto for the second month in a row after when again defeating the Toyota Corolla and Mazda3.

A three-method battle has actually now emerged at the best of the charts — merely 130 sales divide the best 3 sellers year-to-date, the Toyota Corolla, Mazda3 and Hyundai i30.

It is the closest year-to-date contest among best 3 sellers in Australia’s automotive history.

The Hyundai outcome is all of the a lot more fantastic thinking about the tally is for a hatch only; the sedan version of the very same auto is marketed under yet another name.

Figures for the Toyota Corolla and Mazda3 consist of the 2 hatch and sedan models.

If Hyundai renamed the Elantra sedan — which is based on the i30 hatch — it would certainly have actually a possibility to come to be Australia’s top-selling auto this year.

In various other upsets Hyundai ranked second total in April behind Toyota and ahead of Mazda.

Meanwhile German luxury brands keep on to information tape sales, along with Mercedes-Benz making it in to the best 10 when again, ahead of Subaru, Kia, Honda, BMW and Audi.

Figures prove to it was the very best April on record, along with 87,571 vehicles reported as sold, up 7.2 per cent on the very same month last year and ahead of the previous April tape specified in 2013.

With one-3rd of the year finish — up 3.8 per cent over the very same period last year, along with 372,899 deliveries — the new-auto market is on monitor to information yet another tape this year, eclipsing the 2015 higher of 1,155,408.

Industry analysts point out the continued sales surge has actually been steered by tape reduced interest speeds and fierce competition among the best 10 brands.

There are a lot more brand-new cars — and therefore a lot more models — on sale in Australia compared to in any kind of various other produced country.

New-auto buyers in Australia have actually a substitute of 67 brands and a lot more compared to 500 models, versus 51 brands in the US, 53 in the UK and fewer compared to 40 in Japan.

Top 10 brands in April 2016
Toyota 16,567 — up 8.3 per cent
Hyundai 8643 — up 19.9 per cent
Mazda 8461 — up 4.9 per cent
Ford 6842 — up 32.5 per cent
Holden 6710 — down 5.1 per cent
Volkswagen — up 3.5 per cent
Mitsubishi — up 2.5 per cent
Nissan 4044 — down 3.4 per cent
Mercedes-Benz 3303 — up 24.5 per cent
Subaru 3156 — up 3.4 per cent
Top 10 cars in April 2016
Hyundai i30 4143 — up 80.3 per cent
Toyota HiLux 3384 — up 24.5 per cent
Ford Ranger 2973 — up 35.1 per cent
Toyota Corolla 2959 — down 8.6 per cent
Mazda3 2512 — up  6.2 per cent
Holden Commodore 1908 — down 6.6 per cent
Volkswagen Golf 1811 — up 6.7 per cent
Mazda CX-5 1675 — down 10.3 per cent
Mazda CX-3 1604 — up 14.9 per cent
Hyundai Accent 1555 — up 177 per cent
Source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. Sales for April 2016, and percentage adjustment from the very same month in 2015.