GMC Canyon Diesel offers mileage and power –

The Canyon and Colorado pickups are of comparable DNA and, depending on your taste, will certainly meet the majority of individuals looking for a small truck. Total Motors took this a step further and now provide a small 2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel for consumers that want that option. This offers a little much better mileage and a great quantity of towing power.

The turbo-diesel produces 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. energy is delivered via a 6-rate automatic and four-wheel drive. Along with a payload rating of 1,470 pounds and the capability to trailer 7,600 pounds, this truck isn’t as small as you think. The diesel is smooth and quiet the majority of of the time; you’ll hear it a lot more as soon as cruising through neighborhoods and accelerating from a avoid sign.

Exterior design is merely adore previous examples of the Canyon. A big GMC front grill Along with LED lights up front announce your arrival. CornerSteps about spine Along with an EZ Lift-and-Reduced tailgate make life less complicated to load and unload the bed. I was able to road test the Crew Cab Along with four doors and lots of room for my two boys to sit in back. The bed is 5-feet-2-inches and capable of carrying a riding yard mower Along with the tailgate down.

New for 2016 is the diesel engine, Apple CarPlay and a rear sliding window standard on the SLT and SLE trims. Inside you will certainly locate a sleek and sophisticated interior design. The focus stack has actually a big touch screen so you Can easily regulate every little thing from your phone to the navigation. Listed here that is a quite basic and chunky regulate focus from the HVAC. Otherwise the interior is clean and uncluttered. Where the truck stood out to me was the comfort and space inside, also Along with auto seats installed behind me. There’s lots of room and the four doors enable four or 5 adults to sit comfortably.

Driving the diesel is where you’ll delight in this truck the most. It behaves well in city traffic too as highway speeds Along with minimal feedback. The transmission Can easily shift smoothly in all of situations and also uses the engine brake on steep declines. As you drift down a steep hill and use the brakes, the engine will certainly kick in to give a lot more insight in stopping. Steering feedback is plenty and I discovered the truck stayed composed on twisty roads too as spine country dirt roads. I had the opportunity to drive it on some extended gravel and dirt roads and it was a blast.

For a smaller sized truck in comparison to the Sierra and Silverado, the Canyon will certainly impress you Along with its above-standard size, comfort and drivability on every type of terrain right here in western Pennsylvania.

GM claims an standard of 23 mpg and I was able to keep 26 mpg throughout my test drive that included city, country and highway commutes. MSRP for the Canyon is $37,450, however including the diesel engine and Others choices adore the upgraded sound system, spray bed liner and driver alert units brought the bottom line to $44,365.

Will Chamberlain is a regional freelance automotive journalist and Can easily be reached at,, on Facebook at PGH auto Guys and Twitter @pghcarguys.