Honda accidentally takes car payments twice – WSB Atlanta

by: Chris Patterson Updated: Apr 8, 2016 – 7:41 PM


Honda’s finance operation pledges to make make entire countless drivers whose bank accounts received strike when it come to double automobile payments.  The firm will certainly not point out exactly how it happened or exactly how several customers or dollars are involved.

Nancy Austin of Scott County has actually just one automobile repayment left on the subject of her 2011 Accord.  She figured Honda was itching when it come to that last inspect once they took 2 payments by mistake.

“I really felt in fact robbed, quite vulnerable.  If this firm can easily do this to me, exactly what others firm can easily do this to me,” claimed Austin.

Austin claimed per month she initiates repayment online with her credit union’s bill pay system.  She has actually no autopay draft established when it come to Honda. 

Austin is among the lucky ones to grab with on the subject of the phone.

“I was quite really unhappy along with the answers I performed receive.  They weren’t accepting obligation when it come to it,” she said.

The firm has actually been updating customers along with Facebook due to the fact that Wednesday.  A short article admits hold times of twenty to 30 moments when it come to those calling in.

Austin’s account was so jumbled, after taking the cash two times Honda provided it spine twice, after that took it out a 3rd time.

“And I have not been provided any sort of explanation why it happened,” Austin said.

A Honda finance vice head of state readily available apologies yet no explanation.

“Customers are our leading top priority and we apologize when it come to the headache and any sort of comes to that have actually resulted. We will certainly make this ideal when it come to our customers,” claimed vice head of state David Paul.

Honda claimed they’ll reimburse any person strike along with overdraft fees from the double dip.   A spokesperson performed not point out exactly how customers use to grab repaid.