Honda FCV Clarity: Hydrogen-powered car to arrive by end of 2016 – The Independent

Honda’s brand-new FCV Clarity will certainly be taking the struggle to the similarity Hyundai’s ix35 that time Toyota’s Mirai by completion of 2016 – relocating the hydrogen gas cell question also more in to the mainstream.

As introduced at the brand-new York motor show, the auto will certainly go on the subject of sale in The united state of america that time Japan in the spring, that time is established to enter European that time British showrooms later on on the subject of in the summer. Even though rates have actually yet to be confirmed, the buck amount is anticipated to be the comparable of £41,700, along with a £3fifty regular monthly lease charge.

The newcomer follows on the subject of from Honda’s FCX Clarity, that time boasts a a lot more productive gas stack which is stated to be 33% smaller sized along with a 60% much better energy density. Its electric motor places out 134bhp, while new, a lot more compact powertrain packaging entirely within the engine bay frees up a lot more room in the cabin that time boot.


The newcomer follows on the subject of from Honda’s FCX Clarity

A 300-mile array that time five-moment refuelling time noise promising; Honda’s very own hydrogen station at its Swindon, Wiltshire, factory heads up a progressively expanding nationwide infrastructure.