Honda Sales Jump 10.9% In April – Acura Rides The Wave With A 4.9% Increase for Month –

American Honda Motor Co.

, Inc. today stated a brand-new April sales tape-record of 148,829 Honda and Acura vehicles, an enhance of 14.4 percent for the month. Year to date American Honda sales reached 506,532, up 9.2 percent. The Honda Division established a brand-new month-to-month tape-record along with 132,623 units sold in April, an enhance of 15.1 percent compared to April 2015 along with year to date sales up 10.5 percent. Acura Division sales totaled 16,206, an enhance of 9 percent in April along with year to date sales reaching 54,081.

With durable and stabilized reason across the lineup, Honda broke numerous records in April featuring posting finest ever April sales outcomes and distinguishing a brand-new light truck record. Honda cars likewise notched healthy and balanced gains along with tape-record sales of the all-brand-new Civic along along with durable Accord sales.

  • Civic continues to control the compact auto segment along with sixth consecutive month-over-month sales increases, up 24.5 percent to a brand-new April tape-record of 35,331.
  • Accord sustained durable reason as April sales totaled 31,526. The model endured a 15.7 percent enhance compared to April 2015 sales.
  • Honda light truck sales established a brand-new April tape-record of 60,372 units. Odyssey minivan sales totaled 13,047 sales in April, an enhance of 17.6 percent, while Pilot boasted sales of 11,370, despite tight inventories.

“The durable cadence of brand-new Honda cars and light trucks coming to promote is clearly resonating along with customers,” said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and total manager of the Honda Division. “along with the all-brand-new Ridgeline truck coming to promote this summer, we will certainly include one more segment to our lineup and further accelerate our durable sales energy in 2016.” 

Acura strengthened its placement in the luxury auto segment as the brand endured durable sedan and tape-record light truck sales in April. The Acura light truck lineup posted its finest April sales regard tape-record sales of the RDX luxury SUV. Acura sedans racked up sales of over 5,500 units regard the strength of the ILX gateway sedan and TLX performance luxury sedan.

  • The RDX continues to reveal month-over-month sales increases, best all of Acura models in April and distinguishing a brand-new all-time month-to-month sales tape-record of 5,905 units, an enhance of 48.7 percent in April.
  • The ILX gateway sports sedan continues to catch the focus of Millennial buyers as April sales totaled 1,633 for the month. The ILX has actually captured a greater price of under 35 year aged buyers compared to any kind of various other auto in the entry-luxury sedan segment because 20101.

“Acura performance sedans and SUVs keep on to obtain energy and promote discuss in their segments,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and total manager of the Acura division. “Our lineup will certainly further strengthen this summer as quickly as the restyled and reengineered MDX hits Acura dealerships.”


1 Based regard IHS Automotive, Polk brand-new U.S. retail auto registrations by volume for Luxury Traditional Subcompact segment and age of household data for 18-34 year olds for CY2011-2015 cumulatively.