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Though the electric automobile gets all of the attention, it’s not the only forward-thinking auto around. Honda will certainly start selling the brand-new version of the Clarity, its hydrogen fuel cell sedan, later this year.

The Clarity, which debuted at the Tokyo Auto Prove to last year prior to very first appearing on US shores in November at the LA Auto Show, will certainly strike limited dealers in LA, Orange County, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. It’s a sedan along with a pretty fairly interior, however all of the innovation is under the hood.

Instead of a traditional gasoline-powered engine, or a futuristic all-electric energy plant, there’s a futuristic hydrogen-powered engine. These advanced powertrains aren’t brand-new — Honda sold its very first fuel cell auto in the US spine in 2005 and they’ve been sold in the US, Germany, and Japan for years. In rather straightforward terms, a fuel cell automobile turns hydrogen in to electricity, along with the only emission being water. Basic to explain, complicated to build.

But, the biggest problem isn’t the technology itself (though these limited sales insight Honda learn concerning real-globe usage of fuel cell vehicles at scale). Instead, it’s building the distribution network for refueling. Hydrogen filling stations are rare, only common in the US in a couple of counties in California, making road trips more difficult compared to along with electric cars. If all-else fails, you can easily constantly plug your Model S in to a normal outlet — there’s no backup along with a fuel cell car.

Regardless, Honda and a couple of various other automakers (notably Toyota and Hyundai) maintain quietly plugging away at the technology, thinking that it could be a futuristic alternative to the EV, especially if they can easily get hold of a hydrogen fueling infrastructure established across the country.

For now, California consumers in choose places will certainly have the ability to lease the Clarity Fuel Cell for about $500 (Honda’s targeted price, anyway), and get hold of a driving range of over 300 miles. Deliveries must start about the end of the year.

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