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Hyundai Virtual Guide on ’15 and ’16 Sonata car-care app.

As in-automobile features and technology have actually exploded in recent years, so as well has actually the humble owner’s manual.

What used to be a small pamphlet now is a hundreds-pages long brick of a book, sometimes divided in to multiple, smaller sized manuals so as not to break bindings.

Hyundai, realizing fewer people compared to ever wish to tackle such a beast as quickly as searching for answers on exactly how to perform a individual function, has actually in recent years been looking toward a globe free of a bodily manual.

With the launch of the Equus luxury sedan in 2010, the car’s owner’s manual likewise was offered as an Apple app.

In 2014, Hyundai duplicated the owner’s manual and gained it accessible via a vehicle’s touchscreen.

Now the U.S. arm of the Korean automaker has actually released a brand-new Virtual Guide update to its free car-care smartphone and tablet app.

Available now for the car-care apps for the ’15 and ’16 Sonata sedan, the Virtual Guide has actually 3 vital features, every one of intended to make accessing how-do-I-do-this-in-my-car? write-up simpler to find.

“From an owner’s perspective we wish to provide them the write-up they demand quickly,” Arthur Morin, Hyundai’s manager of connected-automobile technology and owner apps, tells WardsAuto. “A lot of owners live and breathe through their smartphone device, (and a) lot of people want their glovebox space – and owner’s manuals are love 400 pages.”

The A lot of talked-concerning section of the Virtual Guide, using 2- and 3-dimensional tracking technology, is its augmented-honest truth feature, blending 6 canned 3D overlays along with a live image of a specific location of the automobile seen through a Sonata owner’s phone or tablet camera.

Similar to technology used worldwide of dealer training, owners along with the app can easily hover their Internet-connected phones or tablet over their car’s engine bay, focus stack, gauge cluster or trunk to show how-to info. Numbers appearing on the overlay prove to the location of vital features, such as the windshield-washer port in the engine bay.

“What’s cool concerning this is it locks you right in and it shows you where it’s located in the engine bay,” Morin says. “We (then) provide you a basic 3-step procedure on exactly how to refill your washer fluid. You can easily set the device down and you can easily walk through the steps: raise the cap, throw some (solvent) in it, close the cap, vs. you attempting to identify where this is located in the owner’s manual.”

Refilling the washer-fluid reservoir could not be the A lot of hard thing to do, however pairing a cellphone via Bluetooth to their car’s head unit is something lots of of today’s automobile owners locate frustrating.

For this task, a Sonata owner along with the car-care app on his phone would certainly hover the phone over the focus stack for step-by-step directions to this process, too.

“along with this point-and-shoot (process) we prove to you exactly how to do so. You grab the write-up you demand quickly,” Morin says.

For those that could not wish to stand outside their vehicles in winter weather, phone in hand, attempting to locate the washer-fluid reservoir, Hyundai offers 82 tutorial videos hosted on YouTube that are viewable on the app from the comfort of home.

“A great deal of (new-vehicle) owners visit YouTube (to figure out) exactly how to usage a individual feature or function within the vehicle, so we essentially did the very same thing,” Morin says. “We’ll link out to YouTube for videos to sustain the app quite light and not drag down the owner’s device.”

Another feature of the Virtual Guide is an indicator guide, a reference for icons that illuminate in the automobile that might be unfamiliar to drivers.

With the indicator guide, the image of a ’15 or ’16 Sonata owner’s individual instrument cluster – there are 12 various trim levels of the automobile – will certainly be revealed along with corresponding icons.

“For example, you grab your low-tire-tension indicator on, you drill down and you grab the write-up a lot more promptly (and) you don’t demand to…visit a dealership and waste hours from your day,” Morin says.

The Virtual Guide section of the car-care app is offered just for the ’15 and ’16 Sonata, however Morin says it will certainly spread to car-care apps for others Hyundais, along with the app for the Tucson CUV the beside receive Virtual Guide.

While Hyundai is calling the technology an industry-very first for a mainstream brand, augmented honest truth apps exist for others brands. Audi nearly 3 years ago launched a Comparable app for the A3, reportedly produced in conjunction along with augmented-honest truth software firm Metaio.

Morin says Hyundai’s app was produced in-house.

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