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When we consider the impact that Hyundai has actually gained here in India, we tend to wonder merely exactly how the South Korean manufacturer overshot several local and global competitors to become one of the most beloved brand in the Indian auto-base. Well, Once you consider a auto enjoy the Elite i20, you tend to grab a glimpse of the answer. Style, charisma, comfort and moderate performance come with each other in this vehicle, honed to perfection along with a genuinely modern touch. The auto has actually got rather a history: having been launched merely a few years ago, it took the market by storm, and due to the fact that then, updated versions and variants have actually been waiting in line to woo the crowds. However that isn’t to say, of course, that the car hasn’t got its reasonable share of let-downs. We’ve got our eye out for exactly where it could do much better as we dig through every one of faces of the model to flush out its goods and its not so good factors.


1. Top notch quality of interiors. Second to only the Germans.

2. Loaded to the gills! Expansive feature list: projector headlamps, touchscreen infotainment etc. 

3. Hyundai’s wide-spread service network.


1. Mediocre petrol engine. Merely lacks the punch required.

2. No automatic variants. Polo, Baleno and Jazz have actually automatic variants. 

3. Vague steering at higher speeds.

Stand-out Features:

Touchscreen infotainment is smooth and intuitive to use. Slightly much better compared to the one on the Baleno. 
16” alloy wheels look super-cool!


It’s safe to say that this is one of the a lot more easily spotted vehicles on roads today. The Hyundai Elite i20 is the people’s car, having captured exactly just what the middle class dreams off: A balance between quality and price. The brand-new version’s exterior grabs a few glances Once it rolls down the street, along with the streamlined profile and the a lot more hawkish design of the front. Meanwhile, its inner atmosphere puts the passengers at ease throughout, and we were rather satisfied along with the presence of several comfort and entertainment features. There are two engine formats for customers to opt for from, a 1.2-litre petrol trim and a 1.4-litre diesel train. Customers would certainly be content learning that the prowess of the engine is neutralized along with the presence of well enforced braking and chassis arrangements. There are 6 variant levels for customers to opt for from, starting along with the utilitarian ‘Era’, going every one of the method up to the exhaustively stuffed ‘Asta (O)’. 


It would certainly be a quite bold statement to say that this is the most effective looking car in its class, However we’re sure several others would certainly agree along with us on this regard. The auto has actually evolved much due to the fact that inception. Overall, it has actually a cleaner, sharper profile that injects a sliver of sportiness in to its image.

Its face has actually an aggressive hue, and this is further enhanced by the sharp headlamps that trail in to the sides. At the focus of the front is a massive hexagon shaped grille. If you take a closer consider the grille, you’ll spot those intricate chrome highlights that melt in to the black background perfectly.

At the bottom, a long strip of black spreads out for the air dam, while fog lamps rest by the corners. The physique colored bumper brings a a lot more harmonious constitution to the face. The large bonnet gets subtle physique lines, and we loved the great physique curves that stand out about the bumper.

The skin of the front skirt flows out in a fluidic manner, weaving about the thick wheel arches by the side.  

You can easily tell the company’s capitalizing on the standard Indian’s adore for chrome along with the chrome touched door handles, which were quite pleasant. The physique colored mirrors are neatly designed, integrating in to the picture well. If you’re going for the better end variants, you’ll adore the diamond cut wheels.

The sloping roof-line along along with the blacked out C-Pillar provide a clean, yet contemporary ‘floating-roof’ effect. The C-pillar accent is now gloss black rather than matte black, which we believe looks superb!

Coming to the rear side, the slim tail-lights that angle in towards the boot group a constant look. The tail-lamps mimic an LED setup which again, looks truly upmarket. That said, we would’ve loved to see the rear camera integrated much better in to the rear profile. The stubby camera jutting out below the insignia looks plain weird!

Coming to the rear side, the slim tail-lights that angle in towards the boot group a constant look, while the Hyundai marquee at the centre of the tail-gate would certainly make a distinguished impression in anyone’s mind. 


Getting inside the Elite i20 is a relatively basic affair. Do note, that the Elite i20 is a slightly low-slung, which means one has actually to ‘sit-down’ inside the cabin. Ingress and egress isn’t too much of a bother due to the fact that doors open nice and wide.

The interiors employ the same double tone Beige and Black color scheme present in the earlier version, and this paves the method for a sober atmosphere. The lower part of the dashboard is colored black, while the upper half stretching every one of the method in to the window screen is Beige. 

The metal highlights on the gear knob, parking brake and the inside door handles include that bit of called for contrast. 

The dashboard is elegantly designed, along with uniquely created AC vents at the two corners and a sophisticated centre console at the focus. We enjoy exactly how the beige coloration runs from doorpad to doorpad. Pulls off the wrap-about look along with ease!

The centre console now houses a touchscreen infotainment unit. The 7 inch unit supports every one of audio inputs and can easily play videos as well. It additionally gets in-built navigation. The unit is identical to the one seen on it’s bigger sibling – the Creta. 

Below is the climate regulate facility which hosts a slender screen along with blue illumination. At the lower end of the console, you have actually a moderate storage area where occupants can easily maintain phones and others spare items. additionally incorporated here are dual 12V power sockets, a USB and an Aux-In port, adding convenience to the passenger’s experience. 

The steering wheel is commonly Hyundai and can easily be adjusted for rake only. Stocky and nice to hold, especially in the better trims that feature the leather wrap. It gets controls for the music and the calls. 

The instrument cluster is minimalistic and has actually white backlighting. The tachometer and speedo flank the MID. While the MID displays basics enjoy the journey meters and the standard efficiency, we’d have actually loved to see a distance to empty readout here! 

The vehicle’s seating arrangement has actually been founded on sound ergonomics, and we’re sure most individuals would certainly have actually nothing to complain about. The seats, the two at the front and the rear are higher on comfort. The driver’s seat gets adjust for height too and getting in to a comfortable placement is barely an issue. Hand rests and headrests include to the relaxed quality of the drive, and the lumbar support is excellent.

The rear seats are amongst the most spacious in the segment. Certainly much better compared to the VW Polo for starters. The legroom and shoulder room can easily be termed generous. However, the sloping roof-line means that headroom at the rear is a pinch for the 6 footers. Seating a middle-occupant isn’t recommended either. The Elite i20 remains a strict four-seater in our books. 

The interiors of the Elite i20 strikes a beautiful balance between features, space and quality. Certainly among the most effective in its class, free of a doubt!



This is the engine to pick!  The 1.4 litre motor remains largely unchanged compared to the previous iteration. Power delivery is linear and turbo-lag is masked well. Not saying the turbo-lag doesn’t exist; merely that it isn’t as prominent as in the 1.3 litre DDiS motor powering the Marutis. City driving is particularly outstanding along with this engine, and you’ll have actually lesser hassle compared to most others cars Once squeezing through columns of traffic. Out on the highway, the engine is relaxed doing 120km/hr every one of day long. It doesn’t grab particularly vocal too while revving high. The engine could not be to the enthusiasts taste enjoy the Polo’s diesel mill, this undoubtedly appeals to somebody that prefers a relaxed cruise.


As for the petrol variant, it is a 1.2-litre Kappa VTVT engine which displaces 1197cc. It is inherited from the version of this model released spine in 2012, However there are minor tweaks to it. We couldn’t guidance However grab the feeling that the motor was overworked at times, particularly throughout higher speed runs. Overtaking is a task in itself –  you’d have actually to downshift and maintain the engine on the boil. You’d be much better off abandoning every one of your higher speed urges and placing up along with the limited capacity of the engine. The sweet spot, nevertheless, is the 5-speed manual gearbox which is merely precise, smooth and basic to use. The engine will certainly listen to your whims of puttering about the city calmly as long as you agree to not push it on the highway.

Ride and Handling:

Compared to the earlier versions, this car has actually improved rather a bit in terms of ride quality and comfort. Taking on road hassles is done along with ease and confidence, and we could say the car has actually matured in its handling of the rash Indian roads.  The Elite rides flat most of the time and feels planted. The characteristic ‘bouncy’ nature of Hyundais is a lot more or much less ironed out along with the i20.

The steering is nice and light. Going lock to lock on the steering is an basic affair. You’ll adore the near weightless steering inside the city. However, it will certainly make the auto feel nervous and twitchy Once you hit triple digit speeds. As for the braking part, we were disappointed that the company replaced the rear disc brakes along with drums, which in our opinion are much less effective. Nevertheless, the combination of discs at the front and drums at the rear works fine, and cornering and halting are a reasonably smooth affair.


We’ve got to hand it to Hyundai for some impressive safety elements. The downside – a few of them are exclusive for better trims. For the brand-new edition, however, dual airbags have actually been gained standard across the entire trim range, and this is Certainly a plus point. Security facilities on the a lot more techno end include ABS, rear parking sensors and a rear camera, a central locking system, and an electrochromic rear view display. Aside from this, front passengers avail the benefit of seatbelts that come along along with pretensioners, a keyless entry system, a rear defogger that comes along with a timer, and a headlamp escort function. An immobilizer spares the driver some worry, acting as a safeguard versus theft. 


There are 6 trims in all: Era, Magna, Sportz, Spotz (O), Asta and Asta (O). The lower end trims are provided a reasonable rate burden, However a curtailed features list. Meanwhile, the better trims boast a whole load of features, However are slapped along with a better price. The starting trim, Era, comes along with a central locking, smart pedal, dual journey meter, digital clock, reasonable fuel reminder, door ajar warning and adjustable headrests. Meanwhile, Magna and Sportz are graced along with some a lot more charming features, including a 2 DIN audio system, 1GB internal memory, Bluetooth facility, rear AC vents and a cooled glove box. The better end trims, Asta and Asta(O) have actually it all: A fully automatic air conditioning system, a rear wiper and washer, luggage lamp, electrically foldable outside mirrors, a parking sensor display and an auto unlock function. We’re going to recommend the better end trims if and only if you insist on class and luxury. If you can easily curb a little bit of the glitz and settle for a lower price, after that you’d be much better off along with the lower end trims. The variants in between would certainly guidance those caught between the two ends. 


The i20 has actually come a long way. It isn’t daily that you see a auto that’s well styled, good looking, loaded along with comfort and reasonably priced. There are drawbacks viz. a not-so-ideal petrol engine, a steering that is over-assisted and the lack of features in lower trims. The Elite i20 comes across as a car that is for somebody that prefers a long feature list over an engaging drive.