Hyundai: Worst of California Hydrogen Infrastructure Woes Over – Ward’s Auto

Tucson FCEV regard sale because June 2014.

It’s no secret the road to obtaining fuel-cell vehicles regard the road has actually been rocky.

Hyundai, which led every one of automakers in the most recent phase of FCEV rollouts as quickly as it launched the Tucson FCEV nearly 2 years back in Southern California, knows that well.

“We’ve been the pioneer, (but) there have actually been growing pains,” Hyundai Motor The united state CEO Simon Zuchowski tells WardsAuto in an interview.

Hyundai does not launch regular monthly sales figures for the Tucson FCEV, yet an HMA spokesman says U.S. deliveries because the CUV’s June 2014 debut number 93.

That’s not a significant amount, also in the alternative-powertrain globe where also a few of the lower-volume battery-electric vehicles delivered a minimum of 1,000 units last year.

Hyundai desired to develop 1,000 Tucson FCEVs for global markets by 2015, yet has actually leased or sold fewer compared to 500 worldwide. The automobile likewise is readily available in South Korea and Europe, where it is referred to as the ix35.

Not aiding U.S. sales has actually been a shaky hydrogen-refueling infrastructure in California. While the point out is the leader in hydrogen infrastructure in the U.S., that’s a relative stature. There are fewer compared to a dozen retail stations open, according to the California gas Cell Partnership’s station map: seven in the counties of L.a and Orange, one in Fresno County and 3 in the San Francisco region.

As Zuchowski notes, as quickly as Hyundai launched sales of the Tucson, seven hydrogen stations were open, yet they weren’t reliable.

“a few of the original stations were never ever for business (use). They weren’t up regard a steady basis,” he says, noting refueling stations in the Southern California cities of Irvine and Newport Seaside have actually possessed downtime. That led to reports of frustrated Tucson FCEV owners unable to drive their vehicles, which lease for $499 month.

Not aiding matters was the introduction of the Toyota Mirai in to the doubt last October, which further pressured an currently taxed infrastructure along with a lot more consumers needing to refuel, Zuchowski notes.

Like Toyota has actually performed along with its Mirai fuel-cell sedan, Hyundai has actually possessed to halt deliveries of the Tucson FCEV momentarily because of too little refueling infrastructure.

A Hyundai spokesman says Tucson FCEV deliveries were stopped in October and November to make certain the volume of drivers did not exceed infrastructure capabilities. Deliveries resumed in December.

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