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Published on April 29, 2016 by Joey Wang

Lincoln Continental Launched On The Beijing Auto Show

Lincoln took the last production version of the a lot hyped 2017 Continental to the Beijing Auto Show. Lincoln expects China to be the second-largest marker global for the brand-new sled, after the United States. The Lincoln Continental will certainly strike the Chinese automobile market in July, rate will certainly begin about 400.000 and end about 600.000 yuan ($62.000 – 70.900).


The rate brings the Continental in competition along with the Cadillac CT6, the Mercedes E-Class L, the Audi A6L, the BMW 5Li, the Jaguar XFL, and the upcoming Volvo S90L. Every one of these cars are locally made, however the Lincoln will certainly not, which makes it relatively expensive.

This particular red automobile is a mid-spec variant, not the top-spec ‘Presidential’ we enjoyed earlier on. It appears a bit strange that Lincoln launches the Continental in China along with a yet unnamed mid-spec car, and not along with the very best they have, which would certainly make more of an impression on potential buyers.

In China the Continental will certainly be readily available along with two engines: a 2.0 turbo along with 245hp and 350nm, and a 3.0 twin-turbo along with 400hp and 542nm. The 2 engines will certainly mated to a nine-rate automatic. The 2.0 is front-wheel drive, the 3.0 is four-wheel drive.


We were pretty underwhelmed along with the interior. The suit and complete was poor, probably since this is an early car, however nevertheless; poor. The wheels looks to cheap for a 400.000 yuan car, and so do basically Every one of the plastics. And oh oh oh horror, check out this:


Lincoln has actually decided, quite unwisely we believe, to usage the ridiculous center-console mounted gear selector in the Continental. The buttons are located without delay to the left of the touch screen, which is simply dangerous, and it is ugly, since the buttons look cheap. The shiny plastic rim does not adjustment that!


The The seats are adjustable in 30 means (!?!) and they look enjoy it. ll the divide portions are separately adjustable. Crazy. Thirty ways, that is ever checking out usage that? They must have actually spend the cash on a bigger touch screen, or on any type of others gear selector.


Double sunroof and lotion white leather. The rear of those fancy front seats is not quite nice to look at. There additionally appears to be no space for a tv-screen for a rear-seat entertainment system. Bench is awfully flat…


… and the leather looks worn. And inspect those head rests! Oh oh oh exactly how unpretty.


The arm remainder is OK. Lot of buttons and a small mouse pad-enjoy pad. The system controls the aircon and the audio.


That’s a substantial boot for sure, clean on the sides and dressed in gray carpets.


The exterior is so a lot much better compared to the interior, especially from 3 quarters behind. The roof line ends up neatly in the broad shoulder. Lights look excellent and do remind of older Lincolns. Pipes are in shine and located on the much sides of the bumper. The wheels appear a dimension or two as well small and narrow, bigger wheels would certainly offer the automobile more presence.


Lights look great, however eye somewhat sad.

The brand-new Lincoln Continental. Nice, however must have actually been better.