McLaren-Honda reveals its brand-new F1 car for 2016 –

McLaren-Honda today reveals its brand-brand-new Formula 1 challenger, the MP4-31, ahead of the very first all-group test, which will certainly start in Barcelona tomorrow.

The striking and innovative MP4-31 chassis integrates the brand-new Honda RA616H power unit, produced exclusively for the team.

Although a higher level of continuity in Formula 1’s technical regulations has actually enabled the group to strengthen and mature numerous of the design concepts produced on last year’s McLaren-Honda MP4-30, the brand-new automobile additionally incorporates a considerable number of all-brand-new innovations. The result is a balance of remarkably elegant aerodynamic solutions along with a highly space-efficient integration of Honda’s new-for-2016 power unit.

While McLaren’s race group has actually spent an very busy few months making the MP4-31 right up to the fairly tight deadline dictated by the truncated modern off-season, its marketing group has actually additionally enjoyed a fairly tough winter, announcing a raft of prestigious brand-new commercial deals to include to a roster of equally as valued existing partners.

… we learned a hell of a lot.

Fernando Alonso

Joining McLaren-Honda’s partner group for 2016 will certainly be the world-renowned luxury watch brand Richard Mille, which commences a 10-year marketing, branding and licensing collaboration.

Global luxury goods giant LVMH will certainly go on its long unbroken association along with the team, through its premium sparkling wine brand Chandon, whose rising-star identity will certainly adorn both the MP4-31 and the drivers’ race suits.

Other necessary and practical recent acquisitions include a brand-brand-new haulage supplier, Volvo Trucks, and a brand-brand-new technical services provider, IT Lab, while official services supplier ISS has actually renewed and extended its partnership. Also, official electronic communications supplier Kenwood celebrates 25 years as a McLaren partner this year. Finally, 2016 marks the second year of a 10-year alliance along with KPMG.

In addition to the aforementioned acquisitions and renewals, McLaren-Honda is once again privileged to count on the loyal support of an impressive portfolio of partners old and new, including Johnnie Walker, SAP, Hilton Worldwide, CNN, Santander, GSK, Mazak, AkzoNobel Sikkens, Segafredo Zanetti, Akebono, Norton Flower Fulbright, Enkei, Repucom, Sparco, Maxi Nutrition, Asics and TechnoGym.

Last however fairly far from least, McLaren-Honda’s preparations for 2016 have actually once again benefitted enormously from the unrivalled resources and expertise of ExxonMobil, which is celebrating 22 years of partnership along with McLaren this year. ExxonMobil’s engineers, with each other along with their counterparts at Honda, have actually been tirelessly making pioneering brand-new technologies and formulations of Esso fuels and Mobil 1 lubricants for the all-brand-new Honda RA616H V6 turbo power unit, and Mobilube 1 SHC racing gear oil for McLaren’s bespoke eight-speed gearbox.

Importantly, the size and calibre of our partner roster – and its collective commitment to the group – underscores the assurance that all at McLaren have actually in our trip spine to the podium.

Fernando Alonso (#14) said: “The start of a brand-new season is constantly a special feeling, characterised by a lot of anticipation for the year ahead. This year is no different: I’m excited and raring to go.

“Last year the spotlight was fairly much on McLaren-Honda as we embarked on the very first year of our renewed partnership. It was a tricky season for all of us, however we learned a hell of a lot.

“Likewise, it’s been a fairly productive winter for me. I’ve been training very hard, as usual, however additionally enjoying time along with my family, and maintaining tabs on all the hard job going on at the McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, where the McLaren guys have actually been doing an incredible task to get hold of every little thing all set in time. The Honda boys have actually been working flat-out in Sakura, too.

“The aero package shows great attention to detail. The whole automobile is beautiful in reality – it’s particularly nicely packaged from an aerodynamic point of view as I say – and I’m 100 per cent all set for the challenge ahead.”

Jenson Button (#22) said: “I truly can’t wait to take the wheel of the brand-new MP4-31 tomorrow. All Formula 1 drivers demand a winter break, however I’m massively excited to get hold of started on the 2016 season now, and I have actually to say the brand-brand-new McLaren-Honda MP4-31 truly looks the part.

“Moreover, having spent fairly a bit of time at the McLaren Technology Centre recently, I can easily tell you that there’s a huge quantity of palpable positive energy there at the moment, despite the challenging yet steep discovering curve we all travelled along in 2015.

“In fact, the immense quantity of sheer hard job that has actually gone in to the development of the MP4-31 over the winter makes me immensely proud, and consequently I go in to the brand-new season along with much more motivation and belief.

“Despite the ups and downs we saw last year, there were stable improvements all year long, and that gives us assurance in the design direction we’re taking. There are a lot of positives we can easily build on, and a tough platform to take forward. I’m not concerning to make any type of over-optimistic predictions – Formula 1 is far too unpredictable for me to do that – but, from just what I’ve seen so far, the aero detailing on the automobile looks fantastic, and I’m truly looking forward to start the process of testing those brand-new innovations as soon as I get hold of behind the wheel tomorrow.”

Ron Dennis (Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Technology Group) said: “As we embark on the second year of our renewed McLaren-Honda partnership, all of us continue to be united in our purpose. That purpose is to make our group towards our shared ambition: to win.

“We’ll make no predictions as to as soon as those wins will certainly come, however I can easily say free of fear of contradiction that every member of our group has actually worked along with actually relentless dedication over the past few months. The result is that MP4-31’s developmental trajectory has actually been usefully steepened over the winter, and I’m consequently fairly proud of our team’s efforts.

“We continue to be resolute in our commitment to our goals, and we keep an indefatigable commitment to the winning potential of a full works team. Believe me: the full works backing of a multinational automotive manufacturer is the only platform from which actual triumph in modern Formula 1 can easily be achieved. As McLaren-Honda, therefore, we’ve vowed to job together, and to gain together, and that determination has actually become further cemented as our partnership has actually deepened through the shared challenges we faced last year.

“We have actually the most effective driver line-up in the sport. We have actually an engineering group that has actually been meticulously hand-picked, restructured, guided and inspired; the blend of technical skill-sets and attitudinal mind-sets we now possess are fit-for-purpose and state-of-the-art. And, thanks to the relationships we’ve nurtured along with a hugely impressive roster of loyal and powerful partners, our commercial placement is equally as robust.”

Eric Boullier (Racing Director, McLaren Racing) said: “very first of all, we need to recognise the fairly hard job performed over the past few months by everyone in Woking, Sakura and Milton Keynes.

“The guys have actually shown intense dedication throughout the winter period, and the result is that they’ve successfully kept our aggressive build and development programmes on schedule. As such, all our group members are a credit to McLaren-Honda, and consequently we’re incredibly grateful to everyone involved in the development of the MP4-31.

“however we’re never satisfied, which is why we’ve continued to strengthen our engineering group in recent weeks and months, and we’re confident that the modifications we’ve earned will certainly improve and accelerate our car-development progress in the future.

“So the two Barcelona examinations will certainly merely herald the continuation of the huge collaborative task that all departments have actually been engaged in throughout the off-season. We’ll be aiming to spend the four days of the very first test carefully and methodically: extracting the maximum from the time available, and concentrating our efforts on proving out our central systems, operational procedures and electronics checks. We’ll have to verify our job in the garage prior to we can easily expect any type of miracles on monitor – essentially, to guarantee we walk prior to we can easily run. After all, testing is merely that: testing.

“however be assured, we’re inspired and determined, and we’re pulling together.”

Yasuhisa Arai (Senior Managing Officer and Chief Officer of Motorsport, Honda R&D Co Ltd) said: “From the start of tomorrow’s testing, the second season of McLaren-Honda’s brand-new adventure begins. It was a short winter break, however nonetheless Honda was able to make the most of the off-season in preparation for 2016, strengthening our group and working tirelessly alongside the McLaren and ExxonMobil engineers.

“discovering from last year, we’ve earned modifications to the compressor and Various other hardware of the power unit throughout the break, maturing our overall concept from last year. Our focus will certainly be to test the car’s balance along with the brand-new chassis and power unit, and specifically the ERS direction throughout the eight days of winter testing.

“We won’t know exactly where we stand until we reach the end of the two tests, however we’re looking forward to getting spine on track, collecting data, and feeding spine the write-up to our engineers so as to prepare for Melbourne and onwards.

“It’s good to be back.”


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