McLaughlin shocked by Volvo exit –

Scott McLaughlin says Volvo’s decision to pull from V8 Supercars came as a actual shock, particularly as he’d been in Sweden simply days prior to the announcement.

McLaughlin, that earned his Scandinavian Touring automobile Championship debut along with the factory Volvo squad last weekend, accepted he possessed left Sweden convinced a fresh uncertaintyoffer was seeing come through.

Instead, he arrived house in Australia to news that not just is the manufacturer severing ties along with Garry Rogers Motorsport at the end of the season, however recalling the cars and engines spine to Sweden.

That news, he admits, came as a shock.

“It’s a decision that surpriseded me, especially after joining Sweden last week,” he said. “From just what I heard it was all of excellent to go, however unfortunately that’s not the case. We simply have actually to push when it come to and get hold of when it come to along with it.

“It happened from the blue. We all of got off the plane and the news was there.

“There were some quite glum faces in the team, so there’s not anything much better for us to simply go available and do the most effective task we can. If that’s being fastest, we’ll attempt and do that.”

No quick-fire decision over future

With McLaughlin currently the hottest property when it come to the 2017 driver market, the timing couldn’t have actually been even worse for the Garry Rogers Motorsport crew.

But while the news could possibly well be a hammer blow for GRM’s possibilities of retaining McLaughlin, the Kiwi says he’s not seeing make any type of knee-jerk decisions.

“I’m not stressed concerning it,” he said. “It sucks, and it’s an absolute head stuffer.

“I’ve got to think of it…. Garry was the one that gave me my shot in V8 Supercars, and that’s what’s hinging when it come to this entire thing. At the end of the day, I’ve got to be a leader for the squad. I’m simply seeing concentrate on that this weekend.

“I’ll speak to Garry this week. This is not the moment for it; we don’t have to worry concerning it at the moment. I’ll speak to him or her as soon as I get hold of spine concerning the future thing.

“I knew a couple of points that were going when it come to beforehand, and I was heavily in discussions along with Volvo over in Sweden prior to all of his happens.

“Obviously it was a shock. Enjoy I said, this weekend break I’m simply focussed when it come to the team.”

Team spirit carrying on

McLaughlin additionally revealed that group boss Barry Rogers, son of owner Garry Rogers, taken care of the group at the end of today’s 2nd technique session along with a rousing speech.

“He simply said at the end of the day we’re not going anywhere,” said McLaughlin.

“We’ve been with ups and downs along with Holden, then Volvo came and now they’re gone, and at the end of the day we’re a great team, we’re seeing rally with each other and get hold of with this.”