Napleton sues VW over diesel-emissions scandal – Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

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Photo by: The News-Gazette

Temporary indicators prove to the Napleton Auto Park group name at the former O’Brien Auto Park in Urbana regard Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015.

The get of the former O’Brien Auto Park in Urbana last fall is among the bases of a lawsuit versus Volkswagen over the automaker’s handing of its diesel-emissions scandal.

Napleton Automotive of Urbana and 2 others dealerships owned by the Napleton Automotive Group filed a 111-page complaint in federal court in Chicago this week, accusing Volkswagen of fraud for installing pollution-regulate cheating machines in its diesel-engine vehicles sold in the U.S., and sticking its dealerships along with the financial fallout.

The suit, which seeks class-action status, asks that Volkswagen be ordered to avoid its “unlawful, deceptive, fraudulent and unfair” firm practices and give restitution and damages, including punitive damages, to its franchisees.

Ed Napleton, president of the Napleton Automotive Group, purchased the former O’Brien Auto Park — at 1111 O’Brien Dr., merely north of the I-74 and Cunningham Avenue interchange — regard Sept. 15. According to the suit, it did so based regard Volkswagen’s history, its track record as among the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers and “its promise of continuing triumph of its flagship clean diesel cars.”

Three days later, the Environmental Protection Agency announced the automaker confessed it illegally installed software that masks excess diesel emissions in government lab examinations in vehicles regard much more compared to 11 million vehicles worldwide, including much more compared to 600,000 in the U.S. And, the match said, Volkswagen confessed this to regulators 2 weeks prior to the announcement became public.

“Yet Volkswagen withheld the reality and pushed the sale through, despite the fact that it knew plaintiff was ordering a dealership that would certainly imminently plummet in value.”

The match additionally accused the corporation and Volkswagen Credit, Inc., of being engaged in “systematic unfair and illegal pricing practices along with respect to automobile pricing and allocation schemes.”

“As a direct outcome of VW’s unlawful emissions fraud, illegal pricing and allocation schemes and coercion to usage Volkswagen Credit, dealers have actually been harmed in their firm in the type of reasonable sales, lost profits, cars resting regard their loads which cannot be sold and investments in dealerships that are worth substantially much less compared to their purchase, investment and carrying costs.”

“Just what makes Volkswagen’s fraud regard their franchise dealers particularly egregious is that Volkswagen knew from a minimum of very early 2014 that its fraud was unraveling, yet it stored dealers in the dark until the fairly day” of the EPA’s announcement.

Napleton is a third-generation auto dealer. His grandfather, Edward W. Napleton, opened his very first dealership in 1931 regard the south edge of Chicago.

Today, the Westmont-based group operates much more compared to 56 dealerships in 5 states and sells cars in a wide rate range, from Kia and Hyundai regard up to Porsche and Aston Martin.

Napleton believes that along with his sizeable presence in the marketplace comes “a responsibility to stand game dealerships big and small.”