On Wheels: The Lexus RX 350, a beautiful way to say you’ve arrived – Washington Post

There are some vehicles you merely delight in looking at. The 2016 Lexus RX 350 sport-utility car is among them. You don’t have actually to hunt for it in a crowded parking lot. It stands out, announces itself: I’m right here — bold front fascia, sharply angled headlamps, tough edge haunches, unmistakably sculpted rear.

You don’t have actually to hunt for it. There is not anything else enjoy it on the lot, unless it is yet another 2016 Lexus RX.
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I enjoy that. It goes beyond the notion of prestige, of making something to say, I have actually just what you can’t have actually and have actually no ideal to want. It implies you can easily have actually it, too. It is beauty, after all, and there is something universal regarding that.

Someone cared sufficient regarding it to do it right, to appeal to that point within all us that says, “Wow, that’s attractive!”

Who doesn’t enjoy that? If the people at Toyota, makers of every one of points Lexus, cared sufficient to make something this good for me, maybe they’ll do it for you, too.

That is the Toyota/Lexus secret, isn’t it — an implied trust that simple craftspeople at the firm in fact care sufficient regarding just what they are executing and that they are executing it for to in fact do it right?

Who knows? Maybe after years of paying notes on a Toyota Corolla economy auto that offered me well and wasn’t every one of that difficult to check out or sit in, maybe I’ll earn a salary that allows me to sit in the convenience and beauty of an RX 350.

It is trust rewarded, a promise kept. I did my job. The people at Toyota/Lexus did theirs, and this is the exceptional car I grab and can easily afford as a result. It is a communication usually understood by everyone, and there is not anything false or phony regarding it. The proof is in the product.

This is just what Toyota understands and just what it communicates to its consumer base worldwide. Look carefully at the RX 350. Every little thing fits specifically the means it is supposed to fit. Metal bends and wraps the means it is supposed to bend and wrap. There are no half-painted, poorly painted parts. It is every one of executed well. That makes me feel good. That means whoever built the car’s 3.5-liter, 24-valve, V-6 gasoline engine (295 horsepower, 267 pound-feet of torque) possibly did a great job, too.

The front-wheel-drive RX 350 SUV moves nicely, precisely. There is finish self-confidence in taking curves, also on wet West Virginia mountain roads. Lexus did a great task of making the 2016 RX 350 a lot more car-enjoy — lengthening its wheelbase and boosting its handling — however the globe is a noisy place, and the vehicle’s engineers appear to have actually permit a lot more of that noise in.

No problem.

The model I drove came along with a premium, 15-speaker Mark Levinson sound system. That took care of any sort of ambient outside noise. I moved through the globe in peace and beauty — a color heads-up display presenting Every little thing I called for to already know regarding the car’s operation on the windshield; heated and ventilated front seats; sapele wood along with aluminum trim interior — merely beautiful. I could grab used to this.