Opel Honors Moms Everywhere With Emotional Digital Short Film: Video – GM Authority (blog)

Opel has actually dubbed this campaign, “She gave you your life, offer her this day.” The fitting slogan arrives alongside a digital short film Opel produced to honor moms in advance of Mother’s Day.

Brands don’t do this for fun, though. There are incentives behind a strategic marketing relocate love this. It’s called authenticity. Dropping sales altogether, Opel hopes to connect when it come to a much more psychological degree along with its consumer base, while projecting a human message for the brand.

“Opel prefers to delivering individuals with each other when it come to Mother’s Day, due to the fact that owning a vehicle implies having the freedom to continue to be in touch along with per other”, point out Opel CMO, Tina Müller. “along with this clip, Opel shows exactly what truly counts”, she added. “To be there for someone, despite all of the hectic. To delight the essential individuals in life.”

We’d point out it works. It’s a touching story along with subtle branding. Selling functions ideal as quickly as it feels as though you’re not being sold to. Have actually a seek on your own up above.

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