Opel’s Array Of Flex Accessories Will Come In Handy – Carscoops (blog)

Some dread the believed of having to group the automobile prior to leaving on their family vacation, however Opel is out to prove that it has actually solutions that’ll make it less complicated for them.

As always, safety comes first, which is why the German automaker will certainly point out exactly how unsecured luggage can easily come to be a “dangerous projectile” in case of emergency braking. This is where the FlexOrganizer package comes in, offered at €125 in Germany for the Astra Sports Tourer, Insignia Sports Tourer & Country Tourer too as the Zafira Tourer.

The system comes along with adjustable fastening belts, a valuable pouch-adore edge netting and a water-tight stowage box. Furthermore, the movable FlexFloor trunk floor adds an ergonomic value to the mix.

It allows for owners to just load and unload the Insignia Sports Tourer, and it can easily also be ordered in either black or brown too as extended by 40 cm (15 in) while using weights of up to 1twenty kg (264 lbs). Smaller sized items adore kids’ toys can easily go in to something adore the Adam’s special trunk box – which comes in 3 various designs and has actually a carpet-lining for each of the 3 divide compartments. Also, notepads, pens, tissues or cosmetics and every one of be position away in practically every one of Opel models thanks to a special mug holder insert.

“Our portfolio of clever tools and accessory features features much more compared to 50 product families including our FlexOrganizer packages. They guarantee a tidy loading location and Additionally boost safety,” says Peter Christian Kuspert, VP of sales & aftersales. “My personal recommendation for long journeys along with kids is the FlexConnect adapter, which allows for you to attach a tablet to the front headrest in order that the children can easily delight in entertainment services in the spine seat.”

In terms of connectivity, Opel provides infotainment solutions such as the FlexDock mounting for smartphones, offered on the Adam, Corsa and Zafira Tourer. Aside from the added convenience, the FlexDoc will certainly Additionally re-charge your smartphone devoid of extra cables.

The FlexConnect adapter is yet another clever gadget that’s offered in the majority of Opels. With each other along with the iPad or Galaxy tablet holder, the two kids too as parents can easily delight in a long quest devoid of having to worry concerning points flying through the air under braking.

Last however not least comes the FlexFix system which allows owners to transport as lots of as four bikes devoid of requiring any kind of special tools for installation. This patented Opel system costs upwards of €590 for the Adam, Corsa, Meriva, Mokka and Zafira Tourer.