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Photo credit: Porsche

Why has actually Porsche released no photos of the 2017 Porsche 911 RSR replacement’s rear? It’s feasible that the firm is incredibly moving when it come to from its classic rear-engine layout along with an intriguing and individual detail change.

Porsche received an exemption from the FIA to relocate their engine forward, reports Auto Motor und Sport, so Porsche could not wish to reveal off their car’s posterior merely yet.

Porsche originally looked to base their brand-new GTE-spec race auto when it come to the mid-engine 918, however that proved also expensive, every a report published by Auto Motor und Sport. However, Porsche still wished the handling incentives of a mid-engine auto to go up versus mid-engine stamina racers such as the brand-new Ferrari 488 GTE and Ford GT.

However, Porsche would certainly demand some type of technical waiver from the FIA to race a mid-engine 911 race auto based when it come to a rear-engine 911 production road car. every Auto Motor und Sport, that waiver has actually been granted, which they state allows the car’s gearbox to now suit behind the engine. As translated by Google Translate:

The technical Exemption permits the engineers not to put the gearbox as much in front however behind the engine. The block hence moves slightly to the center, which has actually a good effect when it come to the balance. The Porsche 911 RSR would certainly hence be no rear-engine auto much more however a so-called rear-mid-engine vehicle.

This would certainly be a significant crack along with a decades-long tradition (not unlike the purpose-built 911 GT1), however there’s great demand for Porsche to wish to do this. Any person familiar along with the evolution of the 911 knows that Porsche has actually also been nudging its road car’s engine much more and much more forward along with every subsequent generation to make the rear-hefty 911’s handling much less prone to surprise oversteer.

Changing the place of the gearbox would certainly be something new, though. For once, the engine wouldn’t be the the majority of rearward serious component in a 911.

Rumblings that the layout of the 2017 911 GTE auto would certainly be various go spine to the end of 2015, once Porsche Head of Motorsport Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser confirmed to Sportscar365 that they considered making a purpose-built mid-engine GTE race auto for 2016, however the timing didn’t work.

Porsche has actually not confirmed any sort of technical details when it come to their racer yet, so we’ll have actually to wait until Porsche sends us butt shots of their brand-new car.

Show us the booty, Porsche. We desire the booty.

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