Rising number of Honda car rims thefts in Bayside contributes to unusual spike in crime stats – QNS.com

Although grand larcenies are slowing down within the 111th Precinct in Bayside, the general variety of crimes being dedicated has actually risen from last year, police said.

Police officer Luigi Galano from the 111th Precinct Area Affairs Unit revealed crime statistics at this week’s Queens Area Board 11 resting at M.S. 158 in Bayside. Galano cited recent pattern of grand larcenies stemming from the consistent theft of Honda vehicle rims in and about Bayside.

According to the officer, a overall of 16 crimes, featuring grand larcenies, were dedicated last week. This reflected a 23 percent raise in crime, compared to last year’s 13 cases.

For the year, 69 overall crimes were committed, versus last year’s documented 57 cases.

A participant of the Facebook people market Bayside, Queens posted a picture of a Honda vehicle stripped of its rims on the subject of April 21. One commenter mentioned “NYPD should established a sting operations leave the Hondas on the subject of the street await them to attempt and take the rims and catch them.”

Another individual replied, “THIS IS HAPPENING IN FRESH MEADOWS As well OFTEN!!!!! View out With regard to at evening reading per parked cars in the streets they can easily burglarize!!!!!”

Galano advised that vehicle owners buy 4 wheel locks to stay clear of more vehicle thefts from occurring.

Other recent incidents included 3 gunman allegedly burglarizing a Bayside house while the owners were not present, and a number of identity theft instances involved the usage of false checks.