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The Scion iA was in fact just what the brand needed.

Southern California has actually its’ perks.  It’s not merely the weather, the location, the sports, and the entertainment.  There are teams that can easily be easily located for every one of sorts of various interests.  Your vehicle designates you, as an owner and a driver, to a personal group altogether.  Sure, there’s Cars and Coffee, Donut Derelicts, and every one of sorts of others vehicle groups.  There are additionally the group of individuals that don’t believe love a regular enthusiast.  They want a vehicle that’s simple, reliable, and affordable.

What vehicle do I notice frequently on these So-Cal roads?  You much better believe it, it’s the Scion iA.
Scion iA, Scion Media Kit

Scion iA, Scion Media Kit

In fact, The Honest truth Regarding Cars noted that sales have actually increased by 53%, from April 2015 to April 2016.

Looks love every one of they required was a couple of brand-new models after all.

So, why the interest in the Scion iA?  It breaks cars down in to a easy necessity.  There’s no believed of electric electricity or hybrid systems.  There’s no pretending of luxury or sporting intentions.

However, it does have actually the underpinnings of the most up to date Mazda2, the generation that Mazda stopped building in the U.S.  Mazda didn’t have to compete versus itself along with the Scion.  It was going in to the Scion iA and Mazda Cx-3 anyway.
Scion iA, Scion Media Kit

Scion iA, Scion Media Kit

Does that steering wheel and dashboard layout look familiar?  It should.  It is nearly identical to a recent generation Mazda 3.  Clearly, there’s much a lot more Mazda compared to Scion in the chassis.  It’s straightforward to notice that there’s a “Zoom Zoom” factor position in to place, at merely 106 horsepower.

The finest section Regarding the iA is the MSRP begins under $18,000 along with the optional automatic transmission.  In terms of choosing options, there isn’t a lot to note outside of deciding a transmission and whether or not to gain the navigation system.

I have actually to admit, also the low-rate collision system and rear see camera are nice perks, and come standard along with the car.
Scion iA, Scion Media Kit

Scion iA, Scion Media Kit

So why talk Regarding it?  love the car, it’s simple.  In a globe of the Tesla Model 3, the current Civic, the Subaru WRX, and others wonderful choices, the Scion iA does just what you demand it to do best, while saving your hard earned cash long term.  EPA gas mileage is rated at 33/42, and it has actually a curb weight of 2,416 pounds along with the automatic transmission.

Maybe we don’t demand a nice vehicle or a fancy car.  We merely have to grab to point-B.  We can easily constantly rent out fancy rides every as soon as in some time through or others rental dealerships.  Yet in the end, we every one of merely want something dependable that makes our lives easy.

That’s just what the Scion iA does.