Skoda confirms its first big SUV will be the Kodiaq – Irish Times

Alaska appears to be the huge point in automobile names at the moment. General Motors have actually long had a massive ‘Denali’ model of its Yukon SUV, named for Alaska’s (and the US’s) highest peak. Renault just recently showed a suggestion version of its upcoming one-tonne pickup called the Alaskan, and the  badge could well make it through to the production model.

Now we have actually the Kodiaq, named for a fearsome Alaskan grizzly, and the initial huge SUV from Skoda. Previewed at the Geneva motor prove to 2 months ago by the VisionS suggestion car, the Kodiaq will certainly represent a considerable step forward for Skoda. Merely as the Superb saloon has actually just recently been trawling the shark-infested waters of the executive automobile market (along with a cheeky promotion that checked out Skoda dealers providing a BMW 5 Collection as a back-to-spine test drive comparison) so the Kodiaq is expected to do for Skoda exactly what the Santa Fe as soon as did for Hyundai – transform it from bargain bucket in to premium competitor.

It will certainly reason the strength of a bear for that job. Premium buyers, especially Irish premium buyers, are notoriously hard to shift from their brands, and the Kodiaq, also as adopting the likes of the Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento will certainly likewise have actually to contend along with the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes GLC and the brand-new Jaguar F-Pace, whose lowest rate factors will certainly intersect along with the Kodiaq’s highest.

It will certainly usage the exact same straightforward mechanical package as VW’s brand-new Tiguan, however stretched a little to give seven-seat accommodation and a vast boot. Engines will certainly range from the many straightforward 1.4 turbo petrol a 180hp 2.0-litre TDI diesel and, eventually, a plugin hybrid option.

Skoda appears to be going all of out to underline the authenticity of the Kodiaq name. Despite the fact that the bears really live on Kodiak Island, the neighborhood Alutiiq natives call them Taq uka ‘aq, and it’s the native ‘q’ that Skoda has actually pinched for its 4×4. That makes its name perhaps a little a lot more distinctive, and much less most likely to be confused along with a brand of 35mm camera film. According to Skoda, there’s likewise a connection in between the bears’ social habits and the seven-seat, family friendly layout of the car. “Kodiak males are among the largest and strongest bear species. In contrast to some others species, they live peacefully and socially: They type social bonds, discuss encounters others and play together. Some Kodiak bears will certainly also discuss their finest places for catching salmon” said a Skoda spokesperson.

There are Merely 3,500 Kodiak bears left in the wild. Something tells us that the Skoda version will certainly come to be pretty a lot more populous, pretty a lot more quickly. Irish sales of the Kodiaq will certainly kick off in early 2017.