Soon, the Land Rover name will be on more than just cars – Digital Trends

When you believe of Land Rover, you probably imagine a rough and tumble Defender, or a mighty urban SUV adore the Range Rover. Just what you don’t believe of is a smartphone. That might modification next year, due to the fact that the iconic automotive firm has actually decided it calls for a range of mobile equipments and accessories, to further draw supporters of the brand in to parting along with their cash.

A deal has actually been struck between Land Rover and Bullitt Group, a U.K.-based consumer electronics manufacturer that’s no stranger to making smartphones under license. It’s accountable for phones that use the Cat, Kodak, and JCB names, plus audio hardware from fashion designer Ted Baker.

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This won’t be the initial time Land Rover has actually had a go at smartphones either. In the past, it has actually teamed up along with Sonim, a firm ideal known for making incredibly rugged smartphones that are used in industry, by the military, and in various other demanding professions. Just what they lack in looks, they consist of for in damage resistance.

Cash-in, or something more?

What’s the strategy for Bullitt and Land Rover? Neither are sharing a lot detail at the moment, and the initial products won’t go on sale until the start of 2017, so there’s plenty of time to go prior to we observe the actual things. However, it’s said the resulting equipments will certainly be aimed at people who, “tackle brand-new challenges and go above and beyond the ordinary.” Based on that quote, Land Rover’s cars, and Bullitt’s background along with Kitten and JCB, we’re expecting one more set of tough, durable phones.

While it’s tough to get hold of that excited regarding phones adore these, which don’t usually have actually a lot appeal, there could be much more to Land Rover’s strategies compared to a easy cash-in. Last year it demonstrated an app-controlled Range Rover Sport, where the automobile could be operated at reasonable speeds from outside, utilizing a special app installed on a phone. Last month, Land Rover announced a technology offshoot called InMotion, that will certainly specialize in apps and on-requirement services. It’s specifically explained the Bullitt-earned phone will certainly come along with “bespoke apps and technologies.” Remote manage cars might be a stretch, yet it shows the firm is taking mobile technology seriously.

Bullitt doesn’t position its name on the hardware it produces, so the brand-new phone will certainly just use the Land Rover badge. This is a much less common route for auto manufacturers to get hold of in to smartphones, along with the majority opting for a higher profile partnership instead. Bentley and luxury technology brand Vertu have actually a 5 year agreement to make co-branded equipments that complement the cars, for example.

We’ll preserve you updated along with every one of the Land Rover smartphone news ideal here.