Subaru aims to sell more Impreza sedans – Automotive News

Mamoru Ishii, left, overall manager of Subaru’s create department, and Kazuhiro Abe, Impreza project overall manager, along with the brand-new Impreza sedan. The Impreza is debuting a create language dubbed Dynamic X Sturdy to enliven the brand’s image.

TOKYO — Subaru has actually lengthy leaned about the five-door version of the Impreza for volume in the small-automobile segment. yet along with the next-generation arriving this year, Subaru wishes the sedan variant to do much more hefty lifting.

Subaru’s entry automobile is skewed heavily to hatchbacks. As a result, sedan-oriented rivals such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Ford Concentration and Chevrolet Cruze quickly outsell Subaru in the segment.

Hatches account for 70 percent of the Impreza’s U.S. sales, compared along with 30 percent for its sedan, says Kazuhiro Abe, project overall manager for the Impreza. The opposite is typically real for competitor models, along with sedans accounting for the lion’s discuss of complete volume.

But along with the complete redesign expected to arrive stateside in November, Abe wishes to obtain a much better balance, along with the sedan variant growing to regarding 40 percent of complete volume.

“We wish to maintain the five-door volume and observe the sedan volume go promptly up,” Abe told Automotive News.

Subaru has actually not disclosed a sales target for the new-generation Impreza, which debuted at this year’s brand-new York auto show. The business sells regarding 270,000 Impreza sedans and hatches globally. The U.S. is the car’s biggest market, Abe says. Last year, its U.S. sales surged twenty percent to 100,519 vehicles, including the WRX, a sporty trim version that now is marketed separately. (Impreza sales free of the WRX flower 15 percent to 66,785; WRX sales flower 32 percent to 33,734.)
“We wish to maintain the five-door volume and observe the sedan volume go promptly up.”

Kazuhiro Abe, Subaru

Subaru now hopes to chip away at rivals’ sedan sales by luring customers along with improved ride and handling, a much more upscale interior and class-top safety features. 

The Impreza is the initial nameplate to get hold of Subaru’s brand-new modular platform, which the automaker says will certainly boost safety and driving performance. The Impreza likewise is debuting a create language dubbed Dynamic X Sturdy to enliven the brand’s image. 

To feed just what Subaru hopes will certainly be booming necessity for the next-generation Impreza, Subaru maker Fuji hefty Industries is expanding capacity this year at its Lafayette, Ind., plant to include output of the Impreza. 

The business aims to enhance capacity for Subaru vehicles there by the end of this year to 394,000 vehicles a year, up from 200,000 now. 

But Subaru does not anticipate Impreza sedan sales to exceed the hatchback’s, Abe clarifies. That is since buyers opt for Subaru for its image as a purveyor of wagon-design utility vehicles. 

He says he isn’t concerned regarding increased competition from such brand-new hatchback entries as the Honda Civic five-door. “I don’t have actually any kind of worries,” Abe said of the Civic. “It’s quite sporty and stylish, yet its utility is questionable. Our users’ requires are utility and safety.”