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Tesla Is Already Hinting At An Even More Affordable Model To ComeImage via Samferdselsdepartementet

As Elon Musk stated the night he revealed the “affordable” Model 3 earlier this month, Tesla’s mission has actually been a course to marketing attractive, affordable electric vehicles to the masses. At a recent talk in Norway, CEO Elon Musk hinted that a model more affordable compared to the $35,000 Model 3 is currently in the works.

People constantly joke concerning exactly how the supervillains constantly show their strategies to the hero in the James Bond movies, however as Elon Musk frequently illustrates, once your strategy is functioning so well you simply have actually to indulge on your own (he does own the submarine Lotus Esprit from The Spy That Loved Me).

Musk sat down to chat electric cars at the Transport Solutions conference in Oslo, Norway last week, and in the 35 moment discussion he stated that Tesla is currently preparation on an more affordable model, which BGR has actually dubbed the “Model 4,” to slot underneath the brand-new Model 3… eventually.

At the Model 3 launch, Musk outlined exactly how the brand-new “affordable” model was the result of a four-phase strategy to delivering electric vehicles to the masses, starting along with the Roadster, after that the Model S, the Model X crossover, and finally arriving at the sub-$35,000 Model 3—which has actually currently received nearly 400,000 deposits.


While Musk appreciates the Model 3’s accessibility to a brand-new segment of the market, claimed to be made to reach “approximately half of people,” he thinks there’s room for a smaller, cheaper vehicle to reach an also wider scope of customers. And as Tesla’s global network of superchargers and destination chargers grows, too as its sales and service stations and an boost in the technological capability of batteries, the automaker is currently preparation to benefit from the victory of the Model 3 along with an also lesser entry degree fourth-generation Tesla.

You can easily watch Musk’s conference talk below, along with the fourth-gen discussion happening about the 12 moment mark:

With something adore the Model 3, it’s designed.. such that approximately half of Individuals can easily afford the car. And then, along with fourth generation, and smaller sized cars and what-not, we’ll ultimately be in the placement where practically anybody will certainly have the ability to afford the car.

This is likewise the very same discussion where Musk dropped tips concerning a various car or service which several speculate to be an autonomous bus which Gizmodo excellently covered here.

While the fourth-generation isn’t most likely much more compared to an internal vision and suggestion for Tesla at this point, we’ve heard plenty of rumors that the automaker is preparation a second, smaller sized crossover based on the brand-new Model 3 to come most likely closer to the end of the decade, along with the most likely “Model Y” designation to finish Musk’s “S.3.X.Y.” nomenclature.

As for an more affordable Tesla, once compared to the over night explosive victory of interest in the Model 3, it appears type of obvious that Musk and Tesla would certainly push to an also wider market along with a much more affordable model. I believe they’ll call it the Model R. S.3.X.Y.R.