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Tesla's Upcoming Model 3 May Change The Price And Position Of Its Other Models 

Tesla is showing the globe its all-brand-new Model 3 this Thursday—a sub $35,000 all-electric sedan the firm hopes will certainly delivering electric vehicles to the mainstream. The introduction of such an affordable auto along with mass appeal may additionally notice Tesla shift the placement of its existing lineup. Basically, if you’re seeing purchase a Model S, now might be the time.


Electrek got the confirmation for a “fee change” at the very least for the Model S sedan in “early April” straight adhering to the introduction of the brand-new Model 3 on March 31st. Here’s the complete statement from Tesla to Electrek:

“We don’t comment on rumor or speculation concerning future releases. Tesla is frequently innovating and including brand-new features to our vehicles to perpetually boost Tesla vehicles for our existing and future customers. We fee our vehicles consistently throughout the globe which needs us to readjust pricing to foreign currency exchange rates. We have actually permit customers understand that some fee adjustments will certainly take effect in early April. We constantly urge those curious about getting Model S to put their order so they can easily begin enjoying the numerous rewards of Model S today.”

There is no confirmed fee increase, and it’s additionally not clear that the fee modification is the result of the brand-new entry-degree sedan this month or for various other reasoning. Yet the timing does appear convenient.

There have actually been persistent rumors that Tesla was preparing on dropping the smallest battery group versions of the Model S sedan and the Model X crossover as a result of slow-moving sales and the feasible introduction of a new, best of the range large battery pack. Evidently just 7.7 percent of of Model X reservation holders chose the 70kWh pack.

Tesla has actually confirmed to Jalopnik that the 70kWh battery group is still offered to Model S and Model X customers.

Additionally, a recent hack of Tesla’s firmware revealing the model name “P100D” suggests the firm might be functioning on a brand-new top-of-the-range battery group for the 2 the Model S and Model X, which would certainly be the highest performance option available, and of path the highest asking price.


It has actually additionally been rumored that the Model S is due for upgraded devices and possibly also a styling refresh, which could be need sufficient for a bump in the fee tag.

The entry degree Model S along with the 70kWh battery group currently begins at $70,000, which is still very much off of the pre-incentive $35,000 for the upcoming Model 3.

Will Tesla shift its existing lineup to much more premium prices to make room for the brand-new car? I guess we’ll discovered out in April. Yet if you’ve currently started looking in to getting a Model S, also Tesla says now’s the time.

This short article has actually been updated to confirm that the 70kWh battery group is still offered for the Model X, despite reported claims otherwise.