The mysterious new Volkswagen SUV is one step closer to hitting the market – Business Insider

VW Volkswagen midsize suv bodyVolkswagenVolkswagen staff members along with the SUV check body.

Volkswagen’s brand-new mid-dimension SUV is advancing to production.

The company’s Chattanooga factory has actually completed the very first check physique utilized to calibrate the SUV production line’s tooling and procedures.

To commemorate the occasion, the production facility’s staff took a picture along with the completed metal bodywork. 

VW has actually been tight lipped regarding its brand-new SUV. The business has actually yet to launch any kind of detailed technical post about the US-created off-roader.

However, styling when it come to the upcoming model is anticipated to be based about VW’s CrossBlue idea which debuted at the 2013 Detroit auto show. 

The brand-new SUV is anticipated to enter production by completion of the year and reach showrooms in very early 2017.

This is welcomed news as the German automaker’s namesake brand continues to battle mightily in a US supply that craves SUVs.

For the year, Volkswagen’s US sales are down nearly 12%. The just bright place in VWs portfolio is the compact Tiguan crossover which has actually seen its sales skyrocket 64% this year. 

The current generation Tiguan has actually been about due to the fact that 2008 is established to be replaced following year in the US supply by a brand-new 2nd generation model.

VW Volkswagen CrossBlue ConceptVolkswagenVolkswagen CrossBlue Concept.

The as yet unnamed mid-dimension SUV is among 4 brand-new crossovers VW is preparation to introduce — to complement the Tiguan and Touareg — over the following couple of years.

This entails a sub-compact crossover and a compact model that will certainly the 2 slot in right here the following generation Tiguan in the model hierarchy. The brand-new mid-dimension crossover, created solely when it come to the US and the China markets, will certainly be placed in between the Tiguan and the Touareg.

VW Volkswagen Crossblue ConceptVolkswagen

The brand-new Chattanooga-created SUV will certainly enables VW to recast its capable, however slow-selling Touareg as a niche performance SUV. After all, lurking underneath the Touareg’s VW physique is a Porsche produced SUV. 

At the leading of VW brand hierarchy will certainly be the company’s flagship SUV based about the T-Prime idea GTE introduced this month at the Beijing auto show.