Valets caught out on dash cam after car owner switches Dodge Challenger Hellcat to ‘valet mode’ – Daily Mail

  • Brandon Neider switched his Hellcat to valet mode as quickly as he valeted it at Universal Studios in Florida
  • He likewise established a dash cam to notice exactly how the valets treated the car
  • In the footage, 2 valets can easily be heard complaining that they can’t take the auto regard a joy ride and that ‘it’s slow’
  • Valet mode stops the auto from shifting to 2nd gear to limitation the power Reporter



The Dodge Challenger Hellcat, among the many effective American cars, comes along with a feature called ‘valet mode’, which prevents the auto from shifting above very first gear to limitation the horsepower 

The 2 likewise don’t recognize they’re caught regard the owner’s dash cam video, which captured their entire conversation. 

During the exchange, the driver suggests he wished to take the auto for a joy ride, or ‘a minimum of go across’, he says. 

Surprisingly, Neider was rather glad along with exactly how the valet drivers treated the vehicle.

‘They didn’t “do” everything incorrect besides a little rev,’ Neider wrote in the caption of his video, including that he was ‘thankful for valet mode’.

There were two valets in the car when it was being parked. The driver suggested he wanted to take the car for a joy ride but couldn't because of 'valet mode' 

There were 2 valets in the auto as quickly as it was being parked. The driver preferreded he wished to take the auto for a joy ride however couldn’t due to ‘valet mode’ 

However one auto blogger, Brandon Turkus, a previous valet himself, said he located the behavior of The 2 in the video inappropriate.

‘Over those years, I can easily state along with absolute assurance I never ever goofed off in someone’s car. Unfortunately, not all of valets are so trustworthy. Enjoy these idiots,’ he wrote regard Auto Blog.

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