Video Games Helped This BMW Driver Go Full Opposite Lock To Save His Family – Jalopnik

Epic saves. We’ve gone to lots of them, yet they never ever go from style. See this BMW 5 Collection driver recuperate from a fierce, hydroplane-induced spin. That’s just fifty percent the story: exactly how he found out to do it is another.

Sadiq Rahman, a 21 year-aged student, was driving his wife, mom and sibling in his BMW E60 5 Collection sedan in England as soon as the auto hydroplaned from control, The Day-to-day Mail reports. yet Sadiq, that owned just been driving with 3 years, kept in to the drift and gained an epic recovery. Have actually a See below:

How executed this guy, that owned just been driving with a couple years, pull off such a badass recovery? Video clip games, he informed the news site:

I’ve never ever crashed prior to and after driving with 3 many years and having fun racing gamings in the past, Instinctively I knew to steer in to the skid.

Sadiq’s wife was reportedly acutely aware of exactly how considerably time Sadiq spends behind the computer screen, as Sadiq added:

Afterwards, [my wife] informed me that she knew that I would certainly pull it back.

This man should be a boss at Forza.