Volvo XC90 car review – ‘Safety was the last thing on my mind in this beast’ – The Guardian

It is unnerving once various other road users openly laugh in your face, particularly if you believe you’re driving perfectly normally. In Ramsgate, I believed it was since the Volvo XC90 was bright red. A red vehicle is one thing, however a gigantic red vehicle is another, and the just individual that would certainly warm to it is the one that chose it. In Broadstairs, I believed it may be since I was simply regarding to grab wedged down a slim road. In London, I believed perhaps it was the manifest energy of the thing, so unnecessary for one whose greatest towing load would certainly be if they accidentally hooked on to a trolley in an Asda vehicle park.

Whatever, OK: the point is, wherever I went, people laughed, and after a couple of days of this, I was no much longer unnerved. I loved it. consume my dust, laughing boys (or girls). I have actually an eight-rate automatic gearbox, and I already know exactly how to usage it (by executing nothing). I have actually a driving experience so noiseless that I could be in space. I can easily accelerate to make sure that my two-litre diesel D5 engine makes your… your whatever it is you’re driving… look adore a camper van packed along with a hen party. I can easily go so quick free of realising that… well, I would certainly never ever do that. however it would certainly be fast. This vehicle turned me in to Ayn Rand. all of I could consider was my date along with destiny.

I additionally had the a lot of intuitive, well-created satnav I’ve yet encountered, to direct me to destiny, also as a really impressive stereo system, bluetoothing effortlessly along with devices, to make sure that must I ever reach destiny, I would certainly quickly locate I’d fairly continue to be in the car.

The boot whooshes open along with a button and the leathery seats hold you adore a pitching glove. Volvo was famous for its safety – that, and all of the leather, and heated seats for elk weather. however safety was the last thing on my thoughts in this beast, though fortunately the vehicle had that covered, along with a symphony of alarms to tell me points I currently knew, like, I was changing lanes free of indicating. It was so noisy that, by the end of the week, the intro to a lot of songs earned the kids believe I was regarding to collapse in to something.

But that’s fine, since having anxieties regarding cataclysmic events is nothing, compared along with the upside of being able to climb all of over a vehicle and pretend you’re in a house. It’s a tank, it’s all of those points people hate in an SUV from the outside, and adore from the inside. I would certainly sooner have actually died compared to take pleasure in it, until I started to really, actually take pleasure in it.

Volvo XC90: in numbers

Volvo XC90 R-Design interior

Price £50,250
Top speed 137mph
Acceleration 0-62mph in 7.8 seconds
Combined fuel consumption 49.6mpg
CO2 emissions 149g/km
Eco rating 6/10
Cool rating 8/10