Volvo XC90 Excellence carries the brand’s first six-figure price – CNET

The rear seats are really copies of the front seats.

This is a Volvo — a Volvo that costs virtually $105,000. No, the Swedes (and the Chinese business that own them) haven’t gone insane. Instead, Volvo’s chosen to transform its newest crossover in to a rolling palace of opulence. The outcome is the XC90 Excellence, and it’s fairly most likely worth every penny.

To transform the XC90 in to a properly plush vault par excellence, Volvo eliminated the 3rd row to offer rear-seat occupants more space. The rear seats are now a lot more match for an executive, along with recline and massage functionality. There are just 2 rear seats, along with a sizable focus console operating in between them. That focus console entails the two a fridge and a retractable touchscreen controller for activating the seats’ numerous functions.

The luxury keeps on the subject of comin’ along with lots of Nappa leather, open-pore wood and also a specified of handmade crystal glasses. Tunes come by means of a 20-speaker, 1,400-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system. There’s additionally a partition in between the rear seats and the cargo area, due to the fact that you just can’t have actually the skill co-mingling along with whatever’s in the spine (actually, it’s to isolate sound for much better sound-unit enjoyment).

There’s just one powertrain on the subject of provide listed here — Volvo’s T8 setup, which is a 400-horsepower, plug-in hybrid unit that’s additionally offered on the subject of “lesser” XC90s. You won’t be rejecting the supercharged-and-turbocharged T6 engine, nor ought to you, due to the fact that as quickly as you’re investing 6 figures on the subject of a Volvo, you’ll wish the very best of what’s on the subject of offer.