Volvo XC90 T8 marketing stunt plugs in with free electricity – Autoblog (blog)

The a lot of effective production Volvo created so much is the 400-horsepower XC90 T8 SUV, the four-cylinder turbo engine of which receives an added enhance from an electric motor. It’s a plug-in hybrid, and Volvo has actually produced a tongue-in-cheek advertisement to drive that factor house that uses an elaborate – however certainly inefficient – unit created about a extend of highway in California.

As clarified by the boffin mastermind behind it all, the death cars push down about a rubber mat hiding a collection of tubes containing water. The motion of the fluid after that runs a generator supplying the Volvo along with complimentary energy. Well, the electricity is complimentary to the Volvo, however surely no longer to the various other cars about the road.

Even if it’s plainly an improvement over, say, a hamster wheel, it doesn’t specifically noise enjoy a viable unit to be laid down about every highway from sea to shining sea – however the method Volvo clarified it practically makes sense. And they were great sufficient to thank the death cars with regard to their united initiative in obtaining the T8 filled around the brim. Observe with regard to on your own in the video up above.

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