Volvo’s Solution for the Package Theft Epidemic: Your Car’s Trunk – Fortune

Volvo Automobile Group is introducing a brand-new service along with Swedish startup Urb-it that promises to deliver packages ordered online to a Automobile owner’s trunk in under 2 hours.

The delivery service will certainly be initially restricted to Volvo owners living in Stockholm, Sweden. It will certainly prolong to several European cities this year and to much more compared to 200 cities globally by 2025, Volvo says.

Volvo has actually been experimenting along with its so-called in-Automobile delivery programs because 2014, as quickly as it initial presented the pointer at Mobile Globe Congress in Barcelona. The company, which was acquired by Zhejiang Geely Holding of China in 2010, launched an in-Automobile delivery service last year tied to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The service, which was confined to Gothenburg, Sweden, was done in partnership along with PostNord, the region’s largest distribution company, online toy and baby goods keep, and, a Swedish online grocery retailer.

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Without a network of qualified people readily readily available to transport packages, it’s tough to range up any kind of sort of delivery service, and Volvo undoubtedly isn’t in a placement to do this alone.

But its collaboration along with Urb-it solves the people problem. Urb-it employs students and various other part-time workers that Get hold of paid per delivery. A user can easily go with their personal “urber,” as the business calls them. As soon as the urber obtains the order on their mobile device, he or she collects the items at the shop by presenting a special order code. They after that take the package and deliver it straight to the Automobile in under 2 hours.

Of course, delivery isn’t feasible Free of the ability to provide the delivery individual simple to access to the trunk of the car. That’s where a digital vital or smartphone app comes in. For the in-Automobile delivery service, the “urber” will certainly be assigned a one-time digital vital for access to the trunk.

We test drove Volvo’s brand-new sedan:

This is coincides along with a bigger push by Volvo to make all of brand-new vehicles Free of keys by 2017. Rather than a bodily vital or also a brilliant fob, customers will certainly be readily available a smartphone app that will certainly job enjoy a digital vital to lock and unlock doors or remote begin the engine.

The relocate to the smartphone app, which was announced in February, suggests the business is experimenting along with brand-new methods people could usage their cars. This in-Automobile delivery service is merely one way. Car-sharing is another. For instance, making use of an app, people could timetable and pay for a rental Automobile and have actually the digital Automobile vital delivered to their phone immediately. The customer could usage the app to locate the rental car, unlock it, and drive away, missing long queues at Automobile rental desks.