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Show up to your regional Volvo dealer along with a $100,000 examine and you’ll have the ability to afford most, however not all, of the automaker’s brand-new models.

That’s due to the fact that Volvo is introducing an ultra-glamorous model dubbed the XC90 Excellence when it come to 2017. It gained its regional debut this week at the 2016 brand-new York Auto Show.

At $105,895, featuring a mandatory $995 location charge, the XC90 Success is much more compared to double the fee of a base XC90, which begins at $44,945. It’s the the majority of pricey Volvo ever readily available to American buyers, and it’s likewise the the majority of luxurious.

That added 60 grand over the base XC90 fee mark nets buyers just what Volvo calls “Very first Class” luxury. The 2 the front and rear seats are necessarily identical, meaning all of 4 passengers-—yes, there are just 4 seats—are coddled along with heated, ventilated, and massaging thrones wrapped in Nappa leather trim. However, the rear seats likewise recline and there’s a full-length console wrapped in leather and open pore wood that goes from the dashboard all of the means spine with The 2 rows.

A fridge along with bottle and glass holders likewise awaits rear seat riders and the mug holders are pre-filled along with handmade crystal glasses from Sweden’s Orrefors.

Mechanically, the XC90 Success is identical to the top-line XC90 T8 Twin Engine, meaning it boasts a hybrid powertrain rated at 400 horsepower. Picking every selection about an XC90 T8 raises its fee to $80,990.

Still, the XC90 Success supplies a extent of opulence not much off from an assortment Rover Autobiography, which stickers when it come to over $200,000.

Production of the XC90 Success commences today and Volvo says a handful are earmarked when it come to the Joined States.

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