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2015 Volkswagen e-Golf - Long-term test car

We have actually to admit, the Volkswagen e-Golf had us quite charmed from the start.

Even based on early Euro-spec prototypes, and as soon as we pitted all-electric versus diesel along with our back-to-spine e-Golf vs. Golf TDI test drive review nearly 2 years ago, we discovered a great deal of potential in the all-electric hatchback—given details adore driving range, charging, pricing, and availability meshed in along with comparable all-electrics adore the Nissan Leaf and Ford Concentration Electric.

Against either those electrics or the diesel, the e-Golf pleased the driver along with a nimble, light, responsive driving impression, while its high-top quality cabin appointments and refined, quiet ride wowed passengers.

The “e” in e-Golf is much much more essential for VW this year

Since after that our long term 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf has actually come and gone, and it didn’t prove us wrong on any kind of of those early impressions. Somewhere between of our nine-month period along with the e-Golf, however, the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal broke, and it most likely lifelong changed the method the public sees VW’s TDI lineup.

The e-Golf brought us loads to like and rather little to fret about, and it has actually us convinced that there’s light at the end of the tunnel—given Volkswagen can easily grab its family of plug-in hybrid (and pure electric) models out quickly enough.
2015 Volkswagen e-Golf - Long-term test car [November 2015]

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf – long term test auto [November 2015]
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Even early last summer, after a couple of weeks along with the Golf, as soon as we look spine at just what we liked and didn’t like, we pointed out that VW appeared to have actually met its objective of offering a auto that was “a Golf first, and zero-emission second.”

So numerous positives, along with a couple of teething pains

Back after that we singled out the e-Golf’s smart packaging, tidy handling, and wonderful ride top quality as positives—also as the straightforward gauge layout and great interior packaging. As for negatives, we had to search quite hard, determining its sparse write-up screens, speed-limiting Eco modes, and typically conservative powertrain settings as points to be crucial about.