We Talked to the Ohio Ford Dealer Selling 727 HP Mustangs for $39995 – The Drive

Lebanon Ford, in Lebanon, Ohio, prefers to sell you a 727-horsepower Mustang GT along with a Phase 2 Supercharger for precisely $39,995. Somehow, that rate is full-delivered. The apparent question is: exactly how the hell is that also possible? Well, there are 3 components to a custom car: the vehicle, the extra parts, and the labor to install the latter in to the former. Since a brand-brand-new Mustang GT costs no much less compared to $32,395 and Roush lists a Phase 2 supercharger kit for $7,549.99, we called the sales department to observe exactly how they were performing the math.

Charlie Watson is the Roush sections manager and says the dealer’s incredible $39,995 rate for a 727-horsepower Mustang is section of a decision they earned “to concentrate on distinguishing a nationwide base of enthusiasts (note: they’ll ship anywhere) quite compared to making large profits about every car.” By squeezing numbers about every of the 3 aforementioned components—Mustang GT MSRP, Roush Phase 2 supercharger MSRP and labor—Lebanon Ford is able to grab cars out the door for under $40k and still make a little money. However, many customers don’t protect against at the base price. Watson says several of the cars choose $45,000-$50,000, along with a couple reaching as much as $60,000. Essentially, if a customer has actually a vision for a custom Mustang, the service group is glad to develop it. That can easily mean performance and durability upgrades, love bigger brakes, more powerful half-shafts, and custom wheels, or visual enhancements, love brand-new paint, a complete Roush bodykit, or two-tone leather interiors. So far, over 2 dozen of the ludicrously powerful Mustangs have actually been sold, and the dealer has actually the two a great inventory of Mustang GT’s about the lot and a spine order about the supercharger packages from Roush.

Asked concerning exactly how they came up along with the idea, Watson noted that while cars love the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and also Ford’s Shelby GT350R were wild performance bargains at $60,000-$80,000, they were still from reach of several people. Lebanon Ford, it seems, was feeling democratic: let’s offer 727 horses’ worth of electricity to the people.

The kicker? Approved buyers can easily finance their Hellcat-beating coupes along with no your hard earned cash down. Now that’s crazy.