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Report: Ingolstadt mulls flagship sedan to challenge Mercedes-Benz

Audi is believing regarding embracing Mercedes-Benz at the pretty leading of the luxury segment. Auto Express reports the Ingolstadt-based automaker is curious about fielding a Maybach rival extra-long-wheelbase sedan too as a posh brand-new coupe to tackle Stuttgart’s flagship.

The current A8L might serve as the basis for an also much longer sedan, provided the rapid victory of the relaunched Mercedes-Maybach S600 in many markets, and spawn a big coupe and convertible duo to challenge the new S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet.

“We are believing regarding it,” Audi’s newly appointed technical boss Dr. Stefan Knirsch told Auto Express. “The victory of the extra-lengthy version of the S-Class has actually got us wondering regarding whether there might be a company instance for that in the future.”

2016 Audi A8L extended

Audi additionally could, in theory, usage the progression regimen for the recently unveiled six-door A8 limousine made for the King of Norway as the basis for a Mercedes-Maybach Pullman rival. Such a model might compete in the admittedly thin say limousine market Pullman models have actually dominated due to the fact that the debut of the W140-generation S-Class in 1992. There is better volume potential for a shorter individual limousine rival that might strive at Maybach 57 or 62 dimensions.

Traditionally, Audi has actually left the task of identifying exactly how to extend its aluminum flagship to a handful of coachbuilders and armorers, that often stayed away from the model as a result of the difficulty of functioning along with aluminum about a one-off scale. The recent debut of the factory-built Audi A8L Security and the six-door limousine suggests that Ingolstadt sees necessity for vehicles placed above the long-wheelbase A8L.